Saturday, October 6, 2012

MSJS LVII (featuring: Schmoop)

Matt said some things, Jay said some things, You just sat there and listened.

Matt: HUSH! I’m listening to the B-52’s!
Matt: Are you there?
Jay: Yeah
Matt: Okay
Jay: You said you were listening to the B-52’s
Matt: I turned it off cause YOU RUINED IT!
Jay: Oh, okay. Anyway, what’s up?
Matt: You’re heartless
Jay: No, I just don’t have any social skills.
Matt: We’ve all noticed. A few people have even said something about it.
Jay: Very hurtful
Matt: You should appreciate their honesty though
Jay: Whatever. Anyway, get ready for some Heidi Montag hits on the blog
Matt: Why?
Jay: She’s headlining the Crazy Horse III strip club in Vegas
Matt: Well I’m glad things are going well for her.  Here, talk to Schmoop.

Schmoop: Where the hell did Heidi come from anyway?
Jay: She came from her mom’s va…
Schmoop: NOOO … I mean how did she become a celebrity
Jay: Oh, she was on The Hills on MTV
Schmoop: I don’t think I ever saw it
Jay: Oh I did. I watched it for the first few years.
Schmoop: Seriously? You watched that?
Jay: Oh yeah. Love Lauren Conrad
Schmoop: Oh stop!
Jay: I’m serious! I loved her on Laguna Beach then The Hills
Schmoop: I’m worried about you
Jay: At least I don’t watch The Kardashians
Schmoop: You know Kloe doesn’t have the same dad? (allegedly)
Jay: O.J. Simpson is her dad?
Schmoop: Maybe. Or possibly several other men. But, you can tell by looking.
Jay: I know. She’s so much hotter than Kim and Kourtney
Schmoop: Where the hell is Matt?

Matt: What were you two talking about?
Jay: The Hills
Matt: Heidi Montag’s hills?
Jay: The show on MTV
Matt: Do you think we could actually get some work done?
Jay: This is work. It’s all part of the creative process.
Matt: Well, that’s true.
Jay: I’m inspired by booze and broads
Matt: How did we not think of naming the show that?
Jay: I have no idea

Matt: So, this week we have the HAWT Missalicious!
Jay: Oh yeah baby!
Matt: She has hilarious stories to tell
Jay: She’s been in some weird situations
Matt: And she’s met Eddie Murphy
Jay: But, not without incident
Matt: Ha! Just as it should be
Jay: Okay, this will be great. We’ll just let Miss be her usual charming self.
Matt: It’ll be a fun time
Jay: Alright, I guess we’re ready
Matt: I guess we are.

So there you go kids! Another thrilling edition of MSJS. And, don’t forget to join us as we welcome the lovely and hilarious Missy as our special guest on IWS this Sunday at 12 Noon ET! You’ll fall in love with her, guaranteed!


I'm With Stupid said...

I sound so mean and curmudgeonly...I need to change my attitude. Cheers Jay!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to talk to my two favorite people! <3 Missy

Anonymous said...

And will someone tell me how to not be anonymous?? Haha!

I'm With Stupid said...

Ha...You can type a name in. I think.

jAMiE said...

I find your creative process fascinating!

Can't wait til Sunday.

Mike said...

Missy, you can sign up for blogger without having an actual blog. Matt and Jay can walk you through it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mike! Missy