Saturday, August 29, 2015

FDA Chief Approves of IWS Radio

Good day to you all. I am Dr. Stephen Ostroff and I am in charge of the Food and Drug
Administration more commonly known as the FDA, or as we call at the office, Effffffffff Dayyyyyyyy. We're a ratchet group of people when in our regulatory hizzy, bitches.

Anyway, Jay and Matt have made the claim that the comedy on IWS Radio is both organic and free-range.

That is a claim that we take very seriously at the Efffffffff Dayyyyyyyy, so we have looked into it. It was difficult to get our hands around their claim and test because after all how does one determine if comedy is organic and/or free-range?

So, I took a look at the description promo for tomorrow night's IWS Radio Show, and I share it with you now...

It's the season six premiere of IWS Radio and Matt-Man and Jayman are kicking it off in style in prime time! Matt and Jay are so excited about all the great ideas they have for season six and they're ready to share them with their loyal listeners and anyone else who just happens to click the link to the show. They've got all kinds of wacky and hilarious new segments and characters and other stuff planned which will take IWS Radio to new heights in the new season.

What's happening in the American elections? Well, glad you asked. Matt and Jay have been paying close attention to Donald Trump's belligerence, Jeb Bush's very weird incompetence, Scott Walker's collapse and Hillary Clinton's ... uh ... Just what the heck is Hillary doing? Get a full analysis here!

Also, did you know that there is an election coming up in Canada too? Heck yeah there is and our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf will be here to break it all down for you. In addition to Jamie some other members of the IWS Players will be along to entertain the masses in their own special way. Plus, find out which correspondents got the axe and which are being brought back.

All this and so much more in the Season Six Premiere of IWS Radio including YOUR CALLS @ 661.244.9852!

Using all my vast knowledge and experience, I can tell that what is contained in the previous testimony is organically made up off the top of one's head and has all the literary lack of continuity of a free-range chicken. Therefore, we at the Effffffffff Dayyyyyyyyy, approve their claim.

So listen tomorrow night LIVE from 8 PM-10 PM ET to Jay and Matt on their FDA approved show as IWS Radio Radio presents:  Organic Free-Range Comedy Served Fresh Weekly In Season Six

To catch them LIVE or listen later in archives, click HERE.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Jeb Bush And His Black Left Hand LOVE IWS Radio

Hello my fellow hard working American patriots. I took a break from the campaign trail this past weekend to do two things that I have always wanted to do...

Listen to the Five Year Anniversary broadcast of the IWS Radio Show, and help to bring about racial harmony in our country by having my left hand surgically altered to be that of a black man.

And I have two words for you on how I fared with those two items...

Mission Accomplished!!

Anyway...Jay and Matt put on a spectacular show this past Sunday, and here's a very efficient, executive type synopsis of the show...

Matt-Man foiled a drug intake incident, and like me, fostered racial harmony with a couple of color who wanted cheap cherry wine.

Jayman discussed the Missionary position with an older couple for an hour while sitting at the pharmacy.

Jesse Ferg gave a fire and brimstone tongue lashing to non-church-goers.

We re-lived the tragedy of Tammy Tibbles' death at the hands of ISIS.

Sarcastic Sam gave again his warning to any man who wants to get married

Bobby Kraft brought down the house with his Pulitzer Prize winning poem, "Maybe."

Thankfully, and yet sadly, Slyder Balzcock was the only IWS correspondent who chimed in with a Happy Anniversary wish for Jay and Matt.

Schmoop called-in from the bathroom and while she had a potty mouth, the acoustics were outstanding!!

Nurse Sherri and Jamie Mapleleaf chimed in as well, and the bad music oozed all over the place.

It was a great show, and you should give it a listen, because if you don't, the terrorists win and Dick Head Donald Trump will call you a loser.

So, to catch all of the IWS hilarity, listen below on the handy dandy player, and God Bless America!!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Donald Trump For IWS Radio

Hey all you winners out there. Next President of the United States, Donald Trump here for IWS Radio. You know, I get asked my opinion on a lot of things because people know that I don’t associate with losers. So, when people ask me which internet radio show I listen to I tell them IWS Radio.

Matt and Jay are simply the best internet radio hosts anywhere in the world. They’re smart, funny and super talented. Both are true gentlemen too and I mean that. You know a lot of internet radio shows have come and gone over the last five years. Mostly gone. Why? Because they’re losers! They’re a bunch of lightweights! They have no talent. They’re not committed to greatness. Matt and Jay have blown them all away with their hard work and desire to be the best. That’s the kind of thing that impresses me. Just take a look at what they’ve got planned for their Fifth Anniversary Show this week … 

“Grab a bottle of your favorite booze and crank up the volume because Jay, Matt, and everyone at IWS Radio are celebrating five years on the BlogTalkRadio network. After five years, 300+ episodes, and nearly 1.8 million listens since the painful C-section birth of IWS Radio, it's time for a podcast party of comedic proportions.

Jay, Matt, and the rest of the IWS Radio team reflect on the best and worst of season five, while dignitaries such as Bill Clinton, John McCain, Donald Trump, Keith Olbermann, and many others chime in about the less than profound effect IWS Radio has had on their lives.

So join Jay, Matt, Bobby Kraft, Guy Ahnyurdyck, Rev. Moneymaker, Jamie MapleLeaf, Schmoop, Slyder Balzcock and the rest of the gang along with your phone calls at 661.244.9852, as IWS Radio presents: Saying Goodbye To Season Five.”

Tremendous! Just awesome! If you aren’t listening to IWS Radio you are a LOSER! So do yourself a favor and listen to “Saying Goodbye toSeason Five” on IWS Radio this Sunday at 12 Noon ET. Don’t disappoint me. You don’t want to do that.