Monday, April 21, 2014

Jesus Put us on Hold ...

We opened the "Jesus Christ: Tan, Rested and Ready"  show with our brand new intro that features the one and only Warrior Kat and finally acknowledges our favorite Canadian in an appropriate way. We followed that up with a little witty banter between Matt and Jay and then we were off to the races!

Jay had an unfortunate experience at the People Pleasing Place

Matt had to deal with a couple of YAY-hoos at the Beer Mine

We did “The Resurrection” lead by Matt-Man of course

We talked about Easters past, present and future

Jessie Ferg joined us in the chat room.

We attempted to call the John Hagee prayer line and got put on hold

We attempted to call the TBN prayer line and GOT PUT ON HOLD!

We attempted to call the Israeli Embassy in D.C. to get a Passover update (didn’t go well)

We attempted to call the Vatican’s embassy in D.C. (went even worse and was downright hurtful)

Gave up on the pros and called a Taco Bell in Bagwine, OH asking for a little prayer and it didn’t go well. Katie was sweet, but apparently not into Jesus.

Tried to get a prayer from the King of King’s Burger King, but got HUNG UP ON!!!

Heard from a DRUNK Rev Moneymaker

Jesus Christ did a stand-up comedy routine from Ha Ha’s in Haifa, Israel

Phil Diller did stand-up from Temple Beth Israel in West Palm Beach, Florida

Paul Piatt got all fancy on us with an Easter poem in Latin.

And Schmoop joined Jay to simply gross him out by covering her chili dogs with Cole Slaw.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand OMG! Sooooooo much more!!!! Check it out!!!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

IWS Person of the Week...Lepus Curpaeums

Happy Easter everyone.  In honor of this most joyous day of messianic resurrection, the staff of IWS Radio is proud to name the person who is responsible for this celebration made possible, today's IWS Person of the Week.

The Easter Bunny, or as we refer to him at IWS Radio HQ...

The Lepus Curpaeums Who Saved Jesus!!

For centuries after rescuing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from a tomb of obscurity, the Easter Bunny has continued to work miracles and spread the gospel of Jesus joy to millions of children.  Children such as these two adorable ragamuffins...

And this precocious scalawag...

Some children initially rebuke the Easter Bunny's message of truth and righteousness...

But in the end, they too, come to love him...

So here's to Lepus Curpaeums also known as The Easter Bunny, The Reason for the Season, and now known as, The IWS Person of the Week.  Congrats!!

IWS Easter joy doesn't end with this post.  Oh Hell No!!  Join Jay, Matt, and the entire IWS Radio team as we celebrate Easter LIVE today from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.

Rev. Moneymaker, Paul Piatt, Phil Diller and Jesus Christ will be on hand as they throw down the funny. Annnnnnnd, even bigger than Christ himself?  Guy Ahnyurdyck interviews the Easter Bunny.  That's quality entertainment at a fair price right there!!

Jay and Matt will also being calling prayer lines as well as various foreign embassies including the Vatican so they can wish Pope Francis a Happy Easter.

All that plus your calls today LIVE from Noon-2 PM ET on the IWS Radio.

Celebrate the Christ with us LIVE today by clicking HERE.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

MSJS Easter Extravaganza

Jay evangelizes, Matt sermonizes You nod off a bit.

Jay: What?
Matt: Huh?
Jay: Did you start
Matt: Start what?
Jay: That was a fast minute
Matt: What?
Jay: How the hell are ya?
Matt: I’m freaking great!
Jay: That’s great to hear.
Matt: You know why?
Jay: Because Jesus loves you?
Matt: You’re GOT-DAMMED right he does!
Jay: Abso-freaking-lutely! He loves me too.
Matt: Well … probably.
Jay: Hey now!
Matt: I’m kidding! Jesus loves everyone.
Jay: Not everyone. He probably doesn’t love Vladimir Putin.
Matt: Good point.
Jay: We should call him.
Matt: Let’s do it!

Jay: OMG! Lent is almost over.
Matt: I can’t wait!
Jay: Me either.
Matt: It’s been a long haul.
Jay: It sure has
Matt: I’m gonna eat bread all day!
Jay: It’ll be a Yeast Feast!
Matt: I might get Adult Onset Celiac Disease
Jay: It’s gonna be a great day.
Matt: Yeah … Hey wait!
Jay: What?
Matt: What did you give up for Lent again?
Jay: Well, it’s complicated
Matt: Uh-huh
Jay: It’s all about being a better person
Matt: Well, did you do it?
Jay: Yeah, pretty much. I think so.
Matt: Good job then!
Jay: Thanks!

Matt: So an Easter Extravaganza on Sunday?
Jay: Of course!
Matt: We should call the Pope.
Jay: Ask him how Easter is shaping up?
Matt: And maybe the Israelis
Jay: Of course! Make sure they’re having a happy Passover
Matt: OHHHHH! Remember when Guy interviewed the Easter Bunny?
Jay: Oh yeah! We should find that and play it again.
Matt: “Classic IWS”
Jay: Good call. Rev Moneymaker will be there.
Matt: And Paul Piatt and stand up w/ Phil Diller
Jay: And even more stand up w/ Jesus on stage at Ha-Ha’s in Haifa!
Matt: I bet he nails that show!
Jay: I hope he doesn’t …. DIEEEEEE!
Matt: And, I have a list of prayer lines we can call.
Jay: We need more prayer in our lives.
Matt: Everyone does
Jay: So let’s give it to them
Matt: In Jesus’ name
Jay: AMEN!

Be sure to catch “Jesus Christ: Tan, Rested and Ready” on IWS Radio this Sunday at 12 Noon ET!!!