Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gisele Bundchen Retires to Become IWS Person of the Week!

That's right kids! Gisele Bundchen has retired from the catwalk and is now the IWS Person of the Week!

Or at least we think she has retired. Nobody knows for sure because we can't find anyone who speaks Portuguese to ask her.

Anyway, best of luck with your retirement Gisele. Hope you can live on the $400 million dollars you've made from modeling over the years!

Some people get very annoyed when they find out how much people like models, athletes and celebrities get paid. Are you one of those people? Or do you have other pet peeves that make you even madder? Call us up at 661.244.9852 between 12 Noon and 2 pm ET tomorrow or just listen to "Jay and Matt are Petting their Peeves" on IWS Radio. Again, that  starts at 12 Noon ET!!! Be there!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Britt McHenry Can't Wait To Be On Tomorrow's IWS Radio Show!!

Hi All...Britt McHenry here, and I want to tell you all about this week's stupid, toothless, and
uneducated IWS Radio Show that will be aired on a money grubbing podcast forum known as Blog Talk Radio.

Jay, Matt, and the "need to lose more than a few pounds" comedy team at IWS Radio, are going to talk about their pet peeves this Sunday LIVE from Noon-2 PM ET on that lame ass Blog Talk Radio platform.

Really?  How can losers have pet peeves when their entire lives should be their own pet peeves?


Even though it doesn't make sense, I heard that I am going to be talked about so, it is probably worth the listen, and if it really matters, other than my perfect and gorgeous being, here is what Jay, Matt, and the bone-headed IWS Radio schlups will be talking about...

Jay and Matt are angry man; they're really angry. Why? Because it's getting warm and people are starting to get out and about and bringing along with them their annoying habits that piss Jay, Matt, and other right-minded folks flat, freaking off.

Babies are crying in restaurants, shopping carts aren't being put back in the cart corral, turn signals have evidently become optional, political pundits are already blabbering about 2016, and "social" media giant Facebook is excoriating people who just want to make friends.

Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team are sharing their list of people, habits, and things that are annoying the hell out them, so listen live and join the fun with your pet peeves and your phone calls at 661.244.9852 as IWS Radio presents: Jay and Matt Are Petting Their Peeves.

Boy...Sounds as funny as having one's car towed by a bunch of dumb ass inbreeds who think that a truck with dualies and a hydraulic wench entitles them to usurp cars and make pretty girls look bad on camera.

Anyway, as I said...I'll be on the show,'s worth giving a listen to, so join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team LIVE tomorrow from Noon-2 PM ET  as they present: Jay And Matt Are Petting Their Peeves.

Go to Hell Assholes,

Britt McHenry

Monday, April 13, 2015

Jennifer Lopez Goes Behind the Scenes at IWS Radio

Admit it. You spend a lot of time wondering how we put the IWS Radio Show together each week. Don’t deny it! You know you do! Well, you should definitely check this week’s show out because we just might have let go of some of our secrets...

Jesse Ferg celebrated a birthday and Matt and Jay outrageously questioned the sincerity of his Facebook thank you for all the well wishes. That’ll teach him to be late!

Jayman is having problems with an overly sensitive smoke detector.

Matt-Man has a new neighbor down at the Beer Mine (conveniently located at the corner of Elmore and Burnett Rds) and she is totally into the Hula Hoop craze.

Martin led the IWS Players in a meditative pep talk.

Slyder and Guy had a very strange, but endearing conversation

Kleeshay Johnson told us how IWS built a winner!

For the first time in the history of the Worst Song of the Week segment, Matt and Jay picked the same song! It was hilarious!

Matt and Jay talked about what they might demand in the contracts when they take the show on the road.

There were no callers which is a real burden on Matt and Jay

Jennifer Lopez wasn’t on the show, but GAWD DAMN she looked hot at the MTV Movie Awards last night.

Bobby Kraft has some good insight into how to become a big-time internet radio correspondent.

Paul Piatt and Mr Vague got pretty weird together.

Matt and Jay talked about their process and how they prepare for the show

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand oh so much more! Check it out!!!