Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Almost as Hot as Bradley Cooper and Lady Ga Ga

The smell of Oscar is in the air, and since there is no host this year, Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio gang are on the red carpet and here to fill the void. However, since neither Jay nor Matt have seen any of the movies nominated this year, we will just be talking about our favorite movies. And not only that...Bobby Kraft, Dixie Ozark, Jamie Mapleleaf, Matt, and Schmoop will be recreating their fave movies scenes LIVE via digital recording.

Combine that with the always witty banter, good/bad songs, booze tasting and your calls at 661.244.9852, and it's going to be an Academy Award winning show. So, join us as IWS RAdio presents: Cinematic Hilarity With Jay, Matt, And Oscar

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Booze and Therapy: A Match Made in Comedy Heaven

This is a National Comedy Emergency! All aboard the Crazy Train! IWS Radio is her to help solve everyone's problems. Just lie down on our comfy couch and tell us all your problems and we will do our best to give you great advice while we're also getting bombed! Who gives better advice than drunk people? Also, who opens up better than drunk people? Nobody, that's who! Matt and Jay are here to drink booze and hand out advice and we have plenty of both! 
As a special bonus the IWS Players will be giving our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf some advice on how to be a better person and be more well liked by others. Nurse Doom will be on hand to psychoanalyze both Matt and Jay, plus we will have plent of witty banter, good and bad music and YOUR CALLS! That's right, call us up with your problems and we'll help you out. Or just tell us your hilarious and sad therapy stories @ 661.244.9852! 
It was a hilariously drunken show so if you missed live, you can catch it all right here:

And remember you can catch us LIVE every Sunday Noon-2 PM right by using this link: IWS Radio On Blog Talk Radio

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentine's Day: The Vain Taking From The Whipped

It's that time of year folks, when overpriced jewelry, confections, and flowers flood the marketplace and deplete every man's bank account. That's right, it's Valentine time, and it's all about the ladies on this beautiful and hyper-commercialized day of mutual love and respect. Hearts will be broken when the flowers don't arrive and blackmail will ensue when the wife receives more than the mistress, and...The IWS Radio team is here to both celebrate and hilarious mock the silly observance of Valentine's Day.
Jay and Matt will have plenty of witty banter, cuts of God-Awful love songs, more than a few drinks of booze, Bunches of Questions with Schmoop, heartfelt heckling from Jamie Mapleleaf and your phone calls at 661.244.9852 as IWS Radio presents: Valentine's Day: The Vain Taking From The Whipped 
Give It A Listen!!