Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Blagmas Day Uhhhh: Jay's Favorite Christmas Movies

If a guy has favorite Christmas songs then he probably has some favorite Christmas movies too, right? Hell yeah! So, here's Jay's Nine Favorite Christmas movies as of 9:08 pm CT:

Bad Santa

A Christmas Story


Scrooge (The Musical w/ Albert Finney)

The Muppets Christmas Carol

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

White Christmas

Miracle on 34th Street (The Original)


Wasn't that fun? I love Christmas!

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Monday, December 17, 2018

Blogmas 2018: Day Whatever...The IWS Office Christmas Party Debacle

Christmas joy and greetings to all..We here at IWS Radio are in the spirit as we recover from our IWS Radio Office party that we held LIVE on the air yesterday. It was full of witty banter, regrettable sex, drunkenness, quality entertainment at a fair price, and some God-Awful X-Mas music.

Along with Jay, Matt, Jamie Mapleleaf, and a wild drunken chat room, we had Busted Rhymer, Bobby Kraft, Guy Ahnyurdyck as well as Bionic Bill and Jesse Ferg. I know right? It was yuuuuuuuge!!

So, if you missed the merriment, mayhem, and debauchery live, you can catch all of the Christmas hilarity right here. so grab a drink or eight, sit back, and enjoy some laughs!!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Blogmas Day 12(ish): Jays LEAST Favorite Christmas Songs

Man, there's a lot of really crappy Christmas music out there y'all. So much so that it took even less time to me to put this list together than it did my good Christmas song list!

Eric Clapton was going to make an all new studio album, but said "fuck it, I'll do a Christmas album." Here's the original song he wrote for it that really sucks called "For Love On Christmas Day."

I couldn't hate "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" more if I tried. Nothing personal against Brenda Lee. I hate everyone's version of this song.

Surely you didn't think Santa Claus would be spared Insane Clown Posse's wrath did you? Not gonna happen cause "Santa's a Fat Bitch"

God I fucking hate The Chipmunks. Here's "Christmas Don't be Late"

NewSong "The Christmas Shoes" I mean, come on, man!

I love Lady Gaga, so I'm going to blame "Christmas Tree" on Space Cowboy

I don't know who The Cheeky Girls are and I don't want to know. Luckily I have only had to listen to "Have a Cheeky Christmas" once in my lifetime.

I want to congratulate the Late, Not-So-Great Tiny Tim for doing this super shitty song "Santa Has Got the Aids" *shake my head*

And, how could I leave good ol' Bob Dylan and "Must Be Santa" off any list of crappy Christmas Songs?

Okay, there's NINE of the worst Christmas songs of all time. There is a 10th song that I WAS going to add to this list, but if you want to hear that one you'll have to tune into IWS Radio's annual Christmas Party this Sunday at 12 Noon ET!

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