Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Expert Analysis of All 32 NFL Teams

Holaaaaaaaaaaaa! The NFL returns this week so now is the perfect time for the most comprehensive analysis of EACH of the thirty-two teams in the league and some predictions. Okay, here we go…

AFC East:
New England Patriots – They will be the same as always
Miami Dolphins – They will also be the same as always
New York Jets – They suck
Buffalo Bills – The suck harder than the Jets even.

AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals – Decent team just good enough to disappoint their fans.
Pittsburgh Steelers – Pretty average at best
Baltimore Ravens – Slowly deteriorating
Cleveland Browns – GAWD-awful

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts – Excellent, but boring as hell. Also, fans are horrible people.
Houston Texans – The Ryan Mallett Era doesn’t look good
Tennessee Titans – Steady mediocrity
Jacksonville Jaguars – So bad that Cleveland fans can make fun of Jags fans

AFC West

Denver Broncos – Very exciting high-powered team that’s fun to watch
Kansas City Chiefs – Good, but not good enough.
San Diego Chargers – Lots of talent! (As always)
Oakland Raiders – I don’t want any trouble with Raiders fans.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles – Lots of potential and fun to watch
Washington Redskins - *clap clap clap clap* OVER-RATED *clap clap clap clap*
New York Giants – Ugly … Just ugly!
Dallas Cowboys – This team and its fans can go straight to hell

NFC South

Green Bay Packers – Healthy and ready to make a run!
Chicago Bears – They’ll find a way to lose when it matters most
Detroit Lions – So much talent with so little payoff
Minnesota Vikings - *YAWN*

NFC South

Carolina Panthers – They’re so close, but management is afraid of the big time.
Atlanta Falcons – Play in the shittiest sports town in America
New Orleans Saints – Like the city they are exciting, but suffer from neglect
Tampa Bay Buccaneers – The Bucs are still in the league??

NFC East:

Seattle Seahawks – The best team and best organization in the NFL
San Francisco 49ers – Their window is closing rapidly
Arizona Cardinals – Steadily getting better.
St Louis Rams – Will always be a doormat

AFC Championship: Patriots vs Broncos
NFC Championship: Packers vs Seahawks

Super Bowl: Broncos vs Seahawks

Winner:  Seattle Seahawks!!! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

When IWS Radio Opens Up, Jay and Matt Are AMAZING

So what went on during yesterday’s IWS radio Show you ask?

Well…let me tell ya before you hit play at the bottom of the page and LISTEN!!

We got off to a fast start as we talked about our uneventful week and celebrated as any good American would, the life and times of Joan Rivers.

We talked about ESPN’s habit of talking about the shower habits of professional athletes.

Slyder Balzcock broke down the first week of the NCAA 2014 football season with class, élan, and mis-mangled words as he boarded his 1,500 mile helicopter trip.

Dixie Ozark had a Peabody Award winning report as to how some lesser knowledge folks in Redneckville, AR. have a hard time accepting kind, loving, yet potentially Ebola stricken victims and prefer them not to visit their town.

Martin and his Meditations brought us all down from hating the haters who hate us.

Joshua got all hot and bothered about football as he reviewed North Dallas Forty.


IWS Radio’s very own catalyst of happiness and AMAZINGNESS Tammy Tibbles was shot and/or beheaded by ISIS and/or ISIL…either way she’s very much dead and we will miss her and/or question the whereabouts of Guy Ahnyurdyck.

In addition to all of that, Jay and Matt virtually bitch slapped all of the internet naysayers and nitpickers with furor, and funny comments.

It was a great show, so give it a listen….

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Joan Rivers is our Person of the Week!

IWS Radio is proud to announce that the soon to be late, great Joan Rivers is our person of the week!

Joan has (mostly) enjoyed a looooooooooong and successful career in comedy. When she broke into the business and for most of her career stand up comedy was definitely a man's world. She didn't let that stop her though. She became one of the most successful comedians of all time!

Sure, she's a bit mean spirited and you might even say she's a hateful, bitter old lady. But, on many levels she has a right to be. She has been treated very badly many times by folks in the comedy and entertainment world.

And while some aren't really fans of hers because they consider Joan to be one of those "can dish it out, but can't take it" types, we do all have to agree that she's got balls. IWS totally respects that about her. As of the posting of this Joan is on life support and things don't look good. Hopefully someone can let her know that she's been named the IWS Person of the Week though. You never know, that might be just the push she needs to get better! Thoughts and prayers from the entire staff at IWS World Media Entertainment Joan Rivers!

Also, be sure to catch Football, Fault Finders and the Ice Bucket Challenge on IWS Radio TODAY at 12 noon ET!!