Thursday, February 11, 2016

Roses, Restraining Orders, and Repentance

LIVE THIS SUNDAY February 14, 2016 from Noon-2 PM ET join IWS Radio as Jay and Matt get lovey-dovey, funky and uber-sarcastic with Valentine's Day.

Here's a sample of the Love-Fest you will experience...

Join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio gang as they celebrate love and at the same time mock those who see Valentine's Day as an important day on which to validate and boost the fragile self-esteem of others with roses, candy, and ginormous teddy bears hooked on Ursine Growth Hormones (UGH). Also...

The IWS crew and the live-wired folks in the chat room will discuss the creepy side of "love" that is the art and science of stalking. Be it in every day life or through Social Media outlets stalkers are everywhere, and Jay and Matt will discuss the do's and dont's of good/bad stalking techniques.

Also, the 2016 Lenten Season is upon us. Are you giving up anything or going to try to be a better person over the next 40 days? Will Jay and Matt? They along with Jamie Mapleleaf, and you the callers who call-in at 661.244.9852 will discuss all of these things as IWS Radio presents: Roses, Restraining Orders, and Repentance.

Awwwwwwww yeahhhhhhhhh. Let the love and the comedy flow. So, join us LIVE this Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET or catch the show later in archives by playing our IWS LOVE Machine:

Monday, January 4, 2016

Get Inspired in 2016 With IWS Radio!

Boy howdy did IWS Radio bring in the new year! Let me tell ya folks, Matt-Man and Jayman must have made resolutions to bring the funny in 2016 because that’s exactly what they did this week. Well, more or less. What all happened on the first show of 2016? Well, I’m glad you asked …

Jay woke up in an excited state!

Matt-Man worked the boring days last week at the Beer Mine (conveniently located at the corner of Elmore and Burnett Rds in Bagwine, Ohio).

The University of Dayton defeated the University of Arkansas in OT in men’s basketball and that meant that Jayman had to sing the U of D fight song!

There was a heck of a crowd in the chat room engaging in all kinds of hilariously witty banter.

Bumwine Bob from the Bumming With Bobcat was there. He also got a shout out for hosting the NFL Pick ‘Em contest.

Robert the Taylor from Razzamataz Radio was there and even called in although nobody could really understand him.

Matt and Jay discussed resolutions and agreed they only really have to just keep being the awesome guys they already are.

Of course our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf was there and she once again delivered a vicious, yet accurate introduction of the Matt-Man.

Some of the worst songs ever were featured in the Bad Songs of the Week segment. It won’t be easy to top these!

Rev Moneymaker reminded everyone to put Jesus first, but also remember to eat, drink and be merry.

Paul Piatt showed off his rhetorical genius once again and called out Robert the Taylor as only he can.

Drew Peacock made us all feel dirty and weird as only HE can do.

Slyer Ballzcock was there with a very special Happy New Year present for Matt and Schmoop!

And soooooooooooooo much more! Make it your resolution to listen to IWS Radio early and often in 2016 and most definitely check out this week’s show …

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Sunday December 27th, Join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio gang LIVE Noon-2 PM ET as they look back on 2015 and look ahead to 2016...

The wrapping paper has been thrown away...The crappy presents have been returned, and the in-laws have finally left the building. It's time to review and reflect upon the roller coaster of a ride that has been the year of 2015.

Join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio team as they look back on 2015 with a jaded and hilarous eye and highlight the news makers and noisemakers that made us all laugh and cringe. From the world of politics, pop culture, sports, and the best of and worst of IWS Radio, Jay and Matt will bring you the highlights of 2015, celebrate the New Year, and tout the fact that IWS Radio has achieved the distinction of reaching 2,000,000 listens.

All of that, plus Jamie Mapleleaf, really bad music, and your calls at 661.244.9852 as IWS Radio presents: 2015 Year In Review: News Makers And Noisemakers

It's going to be a fun show so listen LIVE or in archives right c'here...