Friday, October 17, 2014

Pre-Halloween Hiatus on IWS Radio

IWS Radio has learned that Jay and Matt are very tired and won’t be doing a show this week, but actually, it‘s not because of being physically tired…here ya go…

Matt-Man said to Jayman…

“You know I am really broken up over going through this impending divorce after 28 years…could we take a week off? I am emotionally exhausted.”

And Jay said to Matt something to the effect…Yeah, I’m sure you are bleeding like an Ebola patient inside.

Sometimes Jayman does not take Matt-Man’s sensibilities seriously, but nonetheless, we here at IWS Radio know that Matt-Man was almost emotional about his impending divorce.

So they are taking the week off, and preparing diligently for their October 26 show which will be the IWS Halloween Extravaganza Show (working title of course).


They won’t be posting on the website until October 25th or something…Y’know?  These two idiots have no sense of arithmetic, time, or numbers, so…It may be later and/or earlier.  Who the hell knows, but one thing we do know…

The next IWS Radio Show will air LIVE October 26th from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio, which trust me, doesn't have a clue about numbers either!!

So, we are on a early fall hiatus until the 25th, but in the meantime, you can always catch our last show as we talked Oktoberfest and Divorce…It was a classic!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Here's Why Everyone is So Angry

Hola y’all! It seems like almost everyone is just wandering around being grumpy all the time these days. We’re all in a bad mood and we’re taking it out on each other. But, WHY are we in such a bad mood all the time lately? Well …

We have to constantly worry that the guy standing in line in front of us at Walmart who can’t stop hacking and coughing might give us some nasty virus like Ebola. Oh sure, government officials keep telling us how hard it is to contract Ebola, but THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS might beg to differ:

Not only are we worried that we or our family and friends could catch something nasty we are also worried that our computers, tablets and mobile devices could too:

Because of that we find ourselves looking for a distraction. Maybe a distraction like Canadian tennis superstar Eugenie Bouchard in a bikini, eh?

Of course that kind of distraction leads us to engage in other no-so-wholesome activities:

But, halfway through that activity a little voice in our heads reminds us of something that ruins the mood:

So now we know that when we reach the Pearly Gates we’re gonna be asked why we were doing THAT and our only answer will be “I don’t know. Boobs.”

We all know how THAT will work out:

So that’s why we walk around town all day with a frown on our faces and are so grumpy all the time:

Damn, it’s enough to drive a man to drink:

Monday, October 13, 2014

Jay and Matt Brought the Bavarian Beer Garden Down

Let me tell you what…There are pod casts and then there are pod casts…yeah I know...everyone knows that by definition, but I was being dramatic and hyperbolic.


Yesterday, Jay, Matt and the IWS Radio players put on a show that will go down in German history as the greatest accomplishment since the push through the Netherlands and Belgium. (Which, since both were and are still Kingdoms, well…is not THAT great of an accomplishment, but whatever.)

After a week longeing for friendly banter, Jayman had plenty of joyful German music and linguistic lessons on tap.  Matt-Man even counted to twelve in German.  It’s true!!

The greatest German proverbialist ever was on hand as Pete Nietzsche talked sunrises, chickens, and well whatever.  He was awesome.

Bobby Kraft chimed in with a dramatic reading of Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover in honor of Matt-Man’s impending divorce.  The entire chat room immediately divorced their significant other.

The IWS law firm of Wie, Love, Kuntz showed their legal bad asses, and offered their help to anyone and everyone.

Rev. Moneymaker tried to make sense of Matt-Man’s ungodly and heretical divorce.  As always, he left us all with more questions than answers.

Schmoop had her say about Matt-Man getting divorced and it left us all with more tears than smiles.  Odd.

Jesse Ferg and a myriad of guests sexed up the chat room and Jesse is now in the custody of the Marion Police Department.

Lastly, in addition to wheat beer infused friendly Oktoberfest and divorce related chit chat between Jay and Matt, our fave Canadian Jamie Mapleleaf chimed in and we attempted to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with a Canadian turkey no less.

If that’s not enough to entice you to listen to the show…you’re dead inside.  And…well…even if you are, give it a listen and help out Jay and Matt who are still sort of alive inside.

They’ll feel better and you might just laugh.  Give IWS Radio a listen, and get outta here Mc Gooooooooo…