Thursday, January 22, 2015

Famous Dudes Jayman Could Take in a Fight

Holaaaaaaaa! First I have a PSA: IWS Radio will NOT be broadcasting this Sunday January 25. We WILL return on Sunday Feb 1, 2015 at 12 Noon ET. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

While having a three-way with Matt-Man and Jamie Mapleleaf  … uh … while talking to Matt and Jamie on Twitter the other day Matt mentioned that Don Lemon wanted to discuss terrorism with me. I have no idea why he wants to do that, but I responded that Don would just ask me if I supported ISIS. Then, at some point I mentioned that out that I could totally kick Don Lemon’s ass in a fight. That discussion inspired me to post a list of famous dudes who could beat in a fight…

Chris Hayes
George Stephanopoulos
Tom Cruise
Tom Hanks
Matt Lauer

The Dalai Lama
Ashton Kutcher
Chris Matthews
Joe Buck
Ricky Gervais

Marc Maron
Wes Welker
Every dude on “Big Bang Theory” (all at the same time)
Rev Franklin Graham
Lindsay Graham

Steve Doocey
Mario Batali
Ronan Farrow
Justin Bieber
Benjamin Millepied (Natalie Portman’s husband whose ass I would kick just on general principals.)

Johnny Depp
George H. W. Bush
Mitt Romney
Ezra Klein
Skip Bayless

Salmon Rushdie
Michael Moore
Every member of One Direction
Ted Nugent
Kevin Hart

Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Anderson Cooper
Michael Steele
Howard Stern
Adam Carolla

Harold Ford Jr.
Blake Shelton
Bob Dylan
Matt LeBlanc
Perez Hilton

Donald Trump
Ryan Seacrest
Jimmy Fallon
Paul Schafer
Roland Martin (both the political pundit AND the fisherman)

Jeremy Piven
Mike Huckabee
Tom Cotton
Tony Kornheiser
Michael J. Fox

Wow! That’s FIFTY already and I could go on and on. Remember, this isn’t a list of people I WANT to fight. I’m just saying I could kick the ass of each dude on this list. Some of them probably don’t deserve it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

IWS Coffee Mugs, Bringin' The January Thaw

January is such a cold, gloomy, and boring month that it always helps if people can help brighten the day and pick up the spirits of others as we forge that long trail through the long gruesome month of January.

And folks, we here at IWS Radio have in small increments, been able to shed some flickers of sunlight upon a handful of people wallowing in the gray cast of the winter.  And how have we done that, you ask?

Through the joy of IWS Radio coffee mugs!!

That’s Right!!  We have been sending IWS Radio mugs to loyal listeners and contributors throughout the world.

And let me tell ya, it hasn’t been painless.  When I sent a set of mugs down to Jayman in our Arkansas office, a couple of the collectibles arrived with broken handles…

Very sad…And when Jayman sent a mug to the lovely, rusty sandwich lovin’ Cracker, the hole in the bottom of the mug left her feeling empty…

But fear not, Jayman sent her another one that was solid as a rock.  That’s how we roll here at IWS Radio.

My second, third, and fourth attempts went off without a hitch.  No broken handle this go around.  The mug I shipped to the acerbic Jesse Ferg found its way to him one glorious piece…

The mug I sent to Tamra, who is the leading cause of nocturnal emissions of the IWS staff, arrived safely and was quickly embraced within her soft and…

Lastly, and while I have no pictures…I received a phone call yesterday at the Beer Mine (conveniently located at the corner of Elmore and Burnett Rd. in Bagwine, Ohio.) that the sexiest Canadian to have ever roamed the earth and our IWS Canadian Bureau Chief Miss Jamie Mapleleaf, received her mugs in the same state that they left Ohio…in one piece.

A few more mugs have been or soon will be sent out to places such as California and Texas, so dig it…Our January IWS warmth is already tangible in six states and one province of Canada.   We are spreading the joy!! And…

We have been rewarded for our efforts.  While always in the top five in the Comedy ratings on BTR, yesterday our January 11th show hit Numero Uno on BTR.  That hasn’t happened in quite awhile.

So to all of you…Thanks for continuing to listen, for helping us out, and simply for being our friends.  And remember folks, these collectible coffee mugs won’t last forever so punch your ticket for one by joining the IWS Radio Looooooooove Train!!


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Monday, January 19, 2015

Jon Gruden and Others Got Told What's What 'n Such

This week on IWS Radio Matt and Jay decided it was time to tell a few people to “Shut Your Whore Mouth.” Of course, it was meant in the most loving and supportive way.

Matt did a good deed for a customer, but it cost Schmoop her Fritos.

Jayman did a good deed for the Jaymom and was surprised by the offers of assistance from his neighbors.

Lots of IWS Radio coffee mugs got sent out to very deserving people.

Jesse Ferg isn’t impressed with Mark May, Teenagers, Walmart Shoppers and others.

Nurse Sherri has completed her diagnosis and it’s hurtful.

Naya Rivera is nasty and Brandi Glanville repeats rumors about Joanna Krupa and Matt and Jay are very disturbed.

Steve Emmerson told us all about “No Go Zones” in France and England.

Ted Nugent is a coward and all-around piece of shit human being.

Jon Gruden is just stupid. Really fucking stupid.

The “Worst Songs of the Week” choices were OMG awful songs!!!

Rush Limbaugh is tired of all the guilty white liberals.

Bobby Kraft shared some of the hilarity of FavStar with everyone.

Sarcastic Sam blew Chris “The Philadelphia Freak” Matthews up!

Whispering Willie has lost it!

ESPN’s Chris “BOOMER” Berman has a real potty mouth!

Then Matt and Jay told lots and lots of people to “SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTH!” Or something like that. Totally worth a listen! Maybe we ripped one of your favorite celebrities or pundits?