Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Patrick Is Green With Excitement Over IWS Radio

Cheeeeeeres, Slaint'e, and suca mo ladhar mhór.

St. Patrick here for IWS Radio. I am so excited to know that Jay, Matt, and IWS Radio will be celebrating me tomorrow by honoring my chasing away of the snakes from Ireland, and by snakes I mean...


Hey-O'oooooooooooo!! Anyhoo...

Jay and Matt have a really big St. Paddy's Day show planned for you. Lots of Irish music, Irish humor, check-ins from their witty correspondents on their celebrations, and perhaps even a war of words between the north of Ireland and the south.

Well hell to it all; here's what the press release says about tomorrow's show:

It's time to boil the cabbage and dye the beer green as IWS Radio celebrates St. Patrick's Day 2015. Join Jay, Matt, and the hilarious IWS players as they delight in the best of Irish humor, music, history, and of course, beer...lots and lots of green beer. 

Don't go out to party and risk poor, drunken life choices, vomiting in public, and getting popped for DUI on St. Patrick's Day, when you can stay home and be entertained by IWS Radio as you conjure up your inner drunken Irishness free from the fear of a future court date and/or paternity suit.

So sit back, relax, call-in, and enjoy St. Patrick's Day with Jay. Matt, and the IWS gang as IWS Radio presents: Raising a Glass and Dublin Down on the Fun!!

So there you have it...a ton of Irish fun on my special day tomorrow on Blog Talk Radio with Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio gang LIVE from Noon-2 PM EDT.

To enjoy the wearing and the laughing of the green with IWS Radio click right HERE and enjoy two hours of St. Patrick's Day fun and frivolity as IWS Radio presents:  Raising a Glass, and Dublin Down on the Fun!!

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