Monday, March 9, 2015

Killing It on IWS Radio!

As if killing it while discussing movies and music the last two weeks, IWS Radio completed the pop culture trifecta this week by talking about comedy! Not just different styles of stand-up, but comedy writing and sketch comedy and just about anything that makes us laugh. It was a freaking comedy extravaganza!

Matt opened the show by talking about doing a little bidness with and finding out the people helping him actually listen to IWS Radio!

Jayman talks about all the love he got from friends and family on his birthday. To show how much he’s grown as a person he totally didn’t mention any of the people who DIDN’T wish him a happy birthday!

Matt and Jay agreed that any mistakes made during the show could easily be blamed on the time change thus relieving them of any responsibility for anything that went wrong.

Bobby Kraft did a hilarious standup routine recorded live from the Soupy Sales Memorial Comedy Stage at Hodgepodge Lodge. He totally trashed all the people whining about the time change.

There was a short discussion about Seinfeld the comedian and Seinfeld the sitcom. Plus a celebration of the “Schmoopie” episode.

Jerry Clower was celebrated for his wit, humor and humanity.

George Carlin shared an incomplete list of impolite words.

Rob Barlet entertained the folks in his own special way.

Doug Stanhope gave an example of people taking comedy out of context.

Chris Rock and Bill Burr shared some bits of reality with us.

Matt-Man sneakily rounded up some Happy Birthday wishes for the Jayman.

Jamie Mapleleaf called in to save the show near the end.

There was a quick discussion about comedians we hate and whether or not women are funny.

And so much more! Definitely check this one out!