Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Deep Thoughts By Jon Voight

Hi IWS readers, Jon Voight here for IWS.

If that sounded redundant…well, my love for Israel is redundant as well.

Sure…in my early years I was man about town, gad about actor who favored Liberal views.

I worked for George McGovern, protested against the Vietnam War with Jane “Fucking” Fonda, and was a spokesman for the Communist in group in Chile known as Unidad Popular, for God sakes, but…

Much like Dennis Miller had to re-invent himself into a creepy, unfunny comedian, I have had to re-invent myself into a guy who is an Oscar winning actor who loves Sean Hannity and Mike Huckabee more than my role in Coming Home.  God I was, and am to this day, brilliant.


After my daughter Angeline Jolie was born, and ultimately set her course on to super stardom, I felt a bit left out…a bit like an actor put out to pasture.  So…

I went to the Roger Ailes School of Becoming the New Hot Conservative…

Anyway…Aside of my new found conservatism and all things right-wing…FOX News seeks me out because I have thoughts, and here are some of them…

Israeli’s rock…and if you are a true American, you would wish that all Palestinians die not from explosives, but die upon a cross like Jesus, because that would be ironic, because unlike Palestinians, Jews love Jesus.

My daughter Angelina Jolie is a whore and if she ever actually PRODUCES a baby rather than stealing one from a foreign country, our government should threaten her with abortion, but not actually perform one.

That short, no-good little fuck Dustin Hoffman, hasn't talked to me since the end of the filming of Midnight Cowboy in 1969….what a no-talent prick.

Right wing radio and TV make fun of us Hollywood actors for being Liberals.

Perhaps I used to be a liberal, but times change…demographics change…cash-flow levels change, self-respect, and personal validation levels change.  And I unlike our President stand with Israel!!

Sincerely and My Heart Felt Shaloms to Israel,

Jon Voight

Here’s the thing people, and this is the coherent, not trying to continue his career Matt talking…well…writing…

The right makes fun of liberals speaking out behind the face of Hollywood actors and yet Hannity, Huckabee, and others, have diminutive thinker Jon Voight countering on “their” side during their shows.

Really?  Jon Voight?  Jesus take me now.

In my opinion, here is the problem with Mr. Voight and with many people in the United States.

Voight said of President Obama, that he (Obama) has…“put Israel in harm’s way and … promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

Really?  We just sent them more money for Iron Dome and already send Israel 3 Billion+ a year.

When Bebe Fucking Netanyahu says to America, be it to this administration or any American administration, “Don’t ever second guess me again.”

It’s time to put the carrot in front of the horse.  I stand by Israel 100%, but c’mon Bieber Netanyahu, don’t act like a damned punk…your star will fall at some point and probably at the hands of someone like Leonardo DiCaprio, and well, you need our money...even though you proclaim yourself to be a stand alone, successful democracy...or something.

And if you lose our financial backing...Jon Voight will cry.  I don't want to see Jon Voight cry.  It would be unseemly.  Straighten up Israel and don't make Jon Voight cry.


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I'm With Stupid said...

I see people like Jon Voight and worry that I might lose my ability to reason when I get old too.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Ha. Well said. Cheers Jay!!