Saturday, May 10, 2014

John Said, Mike Said (614) 466-3555

Today sitting in for Matt and Jay on the weekly MSJS address, Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) and Gov. Mike Beebe (D-AR)

John:  Hello.  Gov. Kasich here.  How may I misdirect your call?
Mike:  John, it’s Beebe returning your call.  What’s up?
John:  Oh Hi Mike.  We’ve got a problem.
Mike:  What’s that?
John:  My boy Matt-Man and your boy Jayman, have been stuck at #2 in the BTR ratings for like six weeks.

Mike:  Yeah, I noticed that.  And the dude who has been #1 really sucks.
John:  Yeah, I like the fact that the numero uno dude is a Barack basher, but maaaaaan…he blows.
Mike:  He blows more than the late Marion Berry.  Ha!!
John:  I don’t get it.
Mike:  Never mind.

John:  So…um…anyway, I was thinking that you and I should promote our homies and get them back to #1.
Mike:  Damn right we should.  I was thinking I could hide 50K in the tornado relief allocations.
John:  I could easily bury 50K in a bill designed to improve the output of Ohio dairy cows.
Mike:  We could buy $100,000 worth of computers and continually download their shows.
John:  Just like that rightwing, yet unfunny Mike guy does.
Mike:  You mean just like that unfunny Mike guy, allegedly does.
John:  Of course!!
Mike and John:  Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Mike:  Now that we have that problem settled, how are things going for ya gubernatorial wise?
John:  Oh pretty good, but I’m just not picking up as much high class trim that I thought I would.
Mike:  Really?  I haven’t had any problems in that area, but most Arkansan governors do pretty well.
John:  Damn…What’s your secret down there?
Mike:  Well most Arkansas governors are taller than 4’6” tall.
John:  Damn…I guess size does matter.

Mike:  How’s your re-election coming?
John:  I’m running against some dude that no one knows.  I’ll get at least 55% of the vote.
Mike:  That’s because you are so damn close to the people.
John:  I do like to “get down with the masses.”
Mike:  No, I meant that at 4’6”, you literally are closer to them.
John:  Ha…I know you kid because you love.

Mike:  I do.  And I love our Jay, Matt, and IWS Radio.
John:  Dang right, and we need people to listen and call-in to their Mother’s Day show.
Mike:  If people don’t listen and call-in to IWS Radio this Sunday, they hate their mothers and America.
John:  Godless heathens.
Mike:  America Haters.

John:  So, you gonna be listening to them Sunday?
Mike:  Oh hell no.  I’ll let our computer banks do the listening.
John:  Me too.  I’ll be busy doing stretching exercises.
Mike:  Good call.  Good talking to you again John.
John:  You too, Mike.

Mike:  Let’s get these boys back to #1.
John:  Dang right.
Mike and John:  C’mon folks…Our boys are funnier and they are honoring all mothers this Mother’s Day click right HERE and listen to IWS Radio LIVE this Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.   


I'm With Stupid said...

With bipartisan support from Kasich and Beebe we should be headed straight to the top this week! Woo-Hooooooo!


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: When the Natural State and the Buckeye State get together we become the Bucktural State. What? Cheers Jayman!!