Sunday, May 11, 2014

History's Monstrous Mothers: IWS Person of the Week

Today is Mother’s Day so IWS Radio celebrates ALL mothers including some mothers who weren’t exactly the greatest human beings…

Ise Koch: Known as the “Witch of Buchenwald,” Ilse Koch was one of the most despicable women of the Nazi Third Reich. The wife of concentration camp commandant Karl Otto Koch, Ilse took sadistic pleasure in torturing and abusing the Jewish prisoners at Buchenwald, and there are numerous tales of her making lampshades and other sick handicrafts out of the skin of murdered prisoners. Even though she committed suicide while in prison, her legacy lives on through her descendants, the infamous Koch Brothers who are working hard to get Tea Party types elected to office in the United States. (I read on the internet they were related. It must be true.)

Margret Thatcher: The “Iron Lady” was a truly evil woman. It’s hard to believe any man would ever have sex with her, but apparently it happened. Thatcher ordered atrocities and murders to be committed in Northern Ireland, started a war over the Fucking Falkland Island and treated her own troops as cannon fodder. Maggie squandered billions on military buildups, privatized programs that resulted in huge cost increases with equally large service cuts.  Worst of all Thatcher was a raging racist who (along with Ronald Reagan and the State of Israel) was one of the few world leaders who openly supported South African Apartheid.  

Queen Mary: “Bloody” Mary was the first woman to be crowned Queen of England in her own right. Her reign was brief and troubled. Her marriage to Prince Philip of Spain provoked Parliamentary dissent and armed rebellion; the Spanish alliance later drew England into a disastrous war with France, ending with the loss of Calais - England's last French territory. Her religious intolerance is legendary. In 37 years Henry VIII had killed 90 heretics, Catholic and Protestant, burned at the stake; in four years Mary burned nearly 300 Protestants. Victims included blind men, pregnant women and Thomas Cranmer, Henry's Archbishop of Canterbury.

Tz’u-hsi: Was a one of Hsien-feng (Xianfeng)'s whores and gave birth to his only son. Her master died and she became a regent for the boy. She had her son killed the before he became of age, then violated the normal succession and had her three year old nephew named the new heir. Soon after that she was made the ruler of China, when her nephew's mother died.

Tzu-Hsi lived in extravagance; she squandered money on banquets, jewels, and other luxuries. She used funds earmarked for the navy to build herself a lavish summer palace. (The lack of military funds contributed to China's defeat in the 1894 Sino-Japanese war.) At the end of her life, her personal jewelry vault held 3,000 ebony boxes of jewels, and she was buried in diamonds.

Mother Teresa: Okay, so she didn’t have any kids, but Mother Teresa stands as one of History’s Greatest Monsters. The hospitals she ran were actually kill houses. People who could be saved were simply placed on a matt and allowed to die. No antibiotics or pain meds were administered. The deaths were long or tortuous. She also did her best to keep women in poverty and make sure they stayed second class citizens. While people in her “hospitals” suffered, Mother Teresa flew around the world on corporate jets and hung out with murderous dictators like Papa Doc Duvalier and criminals like Charles Keating. When she got sick, she took those luxury jets to private hospitals in California and received the finest healthcare in the world. Cunt.

On a happier note, be sure to check out “Tell Us About YourMommy Baby” on IWS Radio Sunday at 12 Noon ET!! We’ll be celebrating Mothers real and imaginary, MILFs, Mommy Bloggers and will also provide some expert analysis of the NFL Draft! If you don’t listen we can only assume you hate mothers.


I'm With Stupid said...

Monstrous or not, they all seem kinda hot to me. Cheers!!


Mike said...

So Hillary might set all the Republicans in the House on fire?!