Saturday, March 15, 2014

Matt Said, Jay Said 202-462-3939

Matt binges, Jay quaffs.  You, turn green.

Matt:  Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddie boy!!

Jay:  Laddie?  Mornin’?  It’s 7:30 PM.

Matt:  I know, but I’m getting my green on for Sunday’s show.  St. Patrick’s Day show, right?

Jay:  Well yeah, but do you want to become too green, too soon?
Matt:  Well…

Jay:  Maybe for now, you could be a lime or chartreuse type of Irish green and be a peak green on Sunday.

Matt:  You’re a fucking genius.

Jay:  IKR?  Hey?  Will your brother and lead singer of The Dreamboats be joining us on this prep call?

Matt:  No…His wife put him on probation.
Jay:  Why?

Matt:  I told you that last Friday, he got his green on way too early, and way too much.
Jay:  Oh yeah…See?  Ya never want to peak too soon.
Matt:  But…he “promises” to talk to us live on the air Sunday prior to St. Paddy’s Day gig.
Jay:  His promises aren't that solid, but he did make it on air last St. Patrick’s Day.
Matt:  Yep…Hopefully the Luck o’ the Irish will be with us again this year.

Jay:  In addition to your brother probably not calling us, we could talk about our fave Irish foods.
Matt:  Well, that will fill 2-3 minutes, or twenty if John Kerry does his potato speech again.
Jay:  John does love his taters…Oh, we can talk about our favorite Irish people.
Matt:  That would be awesome.  I love many an Irishman and lady.
Jay:  Me too…plus, that will give you a chance to bring up Oscar Wilde for the 15,000th time.
Matt:  And while not enough mentions of him, that’s a good start.

Jay:  We could talk about our favorite green things.
Matt:  Sure, like grass.
Jay:  Emeralds.
Matt and Jay:  BEER!!

Matt:  Wow…I hear that Paul Piatt, Phil Diller, and possibly Guy Ahnyurdyck may show up as well.
Jay:  Bobby Kraft and Drew Peacock are a definite go as well, annnnnnnnnd Matt-Man…
Matt:  O’Yes?
Jay:  Sexy Aunt Jax has a song and our fave Canadian Jamie is going to be reporting from The Hammer.

Matt:  This is all making my head spin. This show is gonna be huge.

Jay:  IKR?  Irish music, Irish food…

Matt:  Irish laughter, and a special St. Paddy’s Day rebuttal from Rep. Trey Gowdy.

Jay:  Who’s that?

Matt:  The congressman with the other worldly, yet sexy hair.

Jay:  Oh yeah…I like him, and the name Gowdy?  That’s sounds Irish.

Matt:  It does indeed, hold on…I Googled it…It’s Scots/Brit.

Jay:  Well fuck him, but if he can fill some time, that’s cool.

Matt:  Maybe we should call the Irish Embassy in D.C. as well.
Jay:  They won’t be open on Sunday though.
Matt:  No, and they’ll all be drunk on Monday, but we could leave them a nice St. Patrick’s Day message.
Jay:  Let’s Do Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
Matt:  O’Kay.

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Mike said...

Isn't there an Irish embassy in Harrison?

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Ha...We'll have to ask Jayman Sunday. Cheers Mike!!