Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Know Who Killed John F. Kennedy

Holaaaaaaaa conspiracy theorists! We are only a couple of days away from the 50th anniversary of the day that some emotionally unbalanced dude climbed six flights of stairs on the Texas Schoolbook Depository, set up at a window and waited for President Kennedy’s motorcade. When Kennedy’s car passed the building he took aim and fired a shot from his squirrel hunting rifle. The bullet went through JFK’s neck, through the seat in front him, through John Connally’s chest, arm and leg. Then apparently it jumped out of Connally’s leg, ricocheted off the door of the Presidential Caddy and hit JFK in the head. Or something like that.

Thus was born one of the truly great conspiracies of all time. Did Lee Harvey Oswald shoot JKF and did he act alone? I threw it out on my Facebook page today to see who believed what. I was a bit disappointed in the results, but it’s possible that most people are really tired of the Kennedy assassination conspiracies. Mostly I got answers like “The One-Armed Man” or “Obama” or “Dick Cheney” jokes.

I did find it a bit humorous that some of the people who believe every single right-wing and/or left-wing “the Illuminati and United Nations (or Masons or New World Order or whothefuckever) have taken over our government” conspiracy say they believe LHO acted alone and totally trust our government to tell us the truth. But, if you really think about it, the idea that Oswald acted alone is pretty much the least plausible of all the major conspiracies and therefore it does make sense that these guys would believe it.

One interesting suggestion was that Howard Donahue, the Secret Service’s own Barney Fife is the one who actually shot Kennedy in the head. I love this theory only for the idea of an SS guy hearing a gunshot, panicking, pulling his gun from its holster, struggling to put the bullet in it and BLAM! He blows the head off the leader of the free world.

The lovely, talented and OMG SEXYASHELL Mz. Knight suggested Sinatra was in on it. Given his Mafia connections and temper I can actually see this happening. Maybe he did it to help his good friend Ronald Reagan out? Maybe it was for Nixon. Maybe he was mad that Marilyn Monroe preferred JFK to him? Who knows?

There were a couple of people who kinda believe it was the Cubans, the Mafia, the CIA or J. Edgar Hoover. These are all fairly plausible ideas. I mean, each of those organizations not only had reason to kill Kennedy, but the resources to do it and keep it secret. Of course, these organizations have never kept anything else a secret or pulled off anything this clever in their existence, but you know, maybe something went at planned once for them?

The Jaymom has been working on this for many years and might be onto something. She says that J. Edgar Hoover is behind it and that he probably worked with the Mafia to get it done. She believes that Hoover was “owned” by the Mafia and even if he didn’t conceive of the idea of killing Kennedy, he was all in once it was proposed to him. This would make sense given that Hoover denied the existence of the Mafia and butted heads with Attorney General Bobby Kennedy over the prosecution of the non-existent organized crime families.

I would say that I pretty much agree with that. It was the greatest Mafia hit of all time. They recruited Oswald and set him up as their fall guy. Hoover knew of the plan and allowed it to go forward and even protected its secrecy. But, I go a little further than the Jaymom. I also believe that Jack Ruby was the guy on the Grassy Knoll (I once sat on the Grassy Knoll and drank a Budweiser so I’m totally an expert on this) and that Ruby killed Oswald to keep him quiet. I really don’t buy the theory that Ruby was just a distraught night club owner. Dude was as mobbed up as Sinatra!

I guess we’ll never really know. Maybe there’s somebody somewhere in the FBI or another government agency that will release all the evidence and tell us the truth someday. I just hope if they do, it won’t be as disappointing and anti-climactic as finding out that Mark Felt was “Deep Throat.” What a letdown that was!


I'm With Stupid said...

Ha...While your closing may be lost on some and/or many...Your Mark Felt line is classic!! Bravo and Cheers Jayman!!


Mike said...

There was a good PBS documentary on recently that showed how the three shots did what they did.

Edita said...

I hate conspiracy theories. I then go online and watch trillions of documentaries to find out the truth. I never do. And it makes me feel awful.

ALSO HOW DID MARILYN DIE? IS there a JFK connection there?

Oh the secrets.

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: Mark Felt was the biggest disappointment in history!


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: PBS? Liberal propaganda! They probably used "science" didn't they?? ;-)


I'm With Stupid said...

Edita: Bobby Kennedy had Marilyn Monroe killed. I'm sure of it.