Saturday, September 1, 2012

Matt Said, Jay Said LII

Matt oratates.  Jay oratates. You audiate.

Matt:  Helloooooooooo
Jay:  Three rings to answer?  Really? You’re getting slow old man.
Matt:  My bursitis is acting up.  I think I have carpal tunnel, and my right hamstring is tight.
Jay:  That’s a shame.
Matt: Well, I bet I’d feel better if I iced my elbow down and you rubbed my hamstring.
Jay:  Well, I hope the ice works on the ’bow, but the hamstring is gonna suffer, ’cause I ain’t touching it.
Matt:  You are so un-Christ-like
Jay:  Hey…Lepers I’ll help, but these hands will never touch your hamstrings.

Matt:  Soooooo…what should we talk about this Sunday on the show?
Jay:  I thought we could do something far from the norm, and talk about the Jerry Lewis Telethon.
Matt:  Good call.  No one will be mentioning that over the Labor Day Weekend.
Jay:  I know, right?  We could talk about how it sucks anymore because there is no pizazz.
Matt:  Word.  Where have all the big names gone?
Jay:  I don’t know, probably most of them are dead and/or in rehab.
Matt:  Can a person be both dead AND in rehab?
Jay:  I’m pretty sure that Amy Winehouse is.
Matt:  Good point.

Jay:  I bet I could get an interview with Jerry Lewis seeings how we’re Number One on BTR, now.
Matt:  Excellent idea.  He does love comedy, and although we’re not French, we love him.
Jay:  It’s a perfect match.
Matt:  Vive la Jerry Louiiiiiiiis!!
Jay: Was that French?
Matt:  Eh, close enough.

Jay:  So, you taking notes?
Matt:  No, Schmoop is taking them for me, but evidently we’re not very funny tonight because she is writing her own notes.
Jay:  Like what?
Matt:  I just read one that said, “Blow Me.” and another that said, “You suck Mahoney.”
Jay:  She is so precious.
Matt:  Uh-huh…or something.

Jay:  Well I think we are set. Of course, we’ll have to make our big announcement for the September 9th show at some point.
Matt:  Pfffffft.  That is gonna be so fricking huge that I am beside myself, and let me tell you…my other self doesn’t like it one bit.

Jay:  Alright.  Some Jerry Lewis Telethon fun and a whole lot of us this Sunday.
Matt:  Should be awesome, as always.
Jay:  I’ll see you on the air then.
Matt:  Yes you will Jayman.
Jay:  Later.
Matt:  Hey...why did Schmoop make a note that says, “I want to fucking kill you.”?
Jay:  Gotta go.

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See ya then!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Sometimes these calls get so uncomfortable.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jayman: When you are "keepin' it real" that sometimes happens. Cheers Jayman!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! The telethon is boring!! :) Missy!

I'm With Stupid said...

Miss: Maybe the MDA Telethon has grown stale, but next week's Telethon of an undisclosed nature will be HAWWWWWWWT!! Cheers Miss!!


Anonymous said...


Jo said...

Your cliffhangers are killing me. I don't do well with know I always read a bit of the end and middle of a book before the full read-through...and if I find Xmas and birthday presents ahead of time I shake them...what's happening on the 9th???!!!