Monday, August 20, 2012

Lulu and Lizzy

A wonderful pal of the IWS website and radio show asked if we would give her some time, and of course, because she is uber-hot and listens to us twice a day, we said, "Yes, and we also said, how you doing, baby?"

As a woman who has lost a little sister, a sister who has left behind two daughters no less, one of IWS’ faves, Mischie, has written something for her nieces.

It’s cute as hell, and the story not only speaks to her sister’s kids, but to any child who has ever lost a parent…

A Journey for Lulu and Lizzy

Lulu and Lizzy are little bears with lots of family who love and care,
but Mommy isn’t with them now,
not right here, not right now.

In search of a kinship to their mother; they planned a journey with one another.
They wandered down a little path,
hopes held high, hands still clasped.

A bird was singing in a tree,
she sounded a lovely melody.

They listened with a grateful heart,
her song so soothing right from the start.

They watched the bird fly way up high,
and what was that up in the sky?

A great big rainbow that stretched for miles,
and when they saw it, they had great big smiles.

They climbed across a pile of rocks,
Lulu tore her jeans, and Lizzy tore her socks,

But when they reached the other side,
right before their very eyes,
a single daisy grew in the dirt,
it rose between them, almost a foot.

It grew alone, there were no others.
It was a favorite of their mother’s.

They wandered over to a stream.
They washed their clothes and got them clean.
They leaned against a tree to rest,
and couldn’t believe what they saw next.

A brilliant, sparkling firefly,
it buzzed around; it lit the sky.
She told the bears…

“I’ll lead you home,
no longer will you have to roam.

For she will watch you everyday,
and be proud of you in every way.

She’s not here the way you are,
you cannot see her, but she’s not far.

You are loved, both here and there.
Your family's love is everywhere.

She was here, and still your mother,
and what she gave you, was each other.

Never doubt, that you are loved,
that gift is free from up above."

© 2012 Michelle A. Burr

And folks...after a HUGE show last Sunday, we had one this Sunday...Mainly, it was huge because Matt-Man wasn't involved.  Jayman got hot and heavy with the Schmoop and they lit it up, so give it a listen:


I'm With Stupid said...

That is really beautiful and so very touching.


I'm With Stupid said...

I have always wondered what bear's milk tastes like.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Matt and Jay!!!!! <3 Missy

I'm With Stupid said...

Miss: Thank you Miiiiiiiss :)!!


Dianne said...

that's really beautiful
speaks to love and loss and hope
well done

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dianne! Missy :)

Jo said...

That was so moving. Beautifully written, Missy. Your nieces are so lucky to have you and each other.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Jo!! :) Missy

Mike said...

I told Schmoop that cell phone blocker would work.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Ha Ha Funny Man. Cheers Mike!!