Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tim Tebow Has Returned To Save Us All...

Hola faithful followers! It is I, your savoir, Tim Jesus Christ II Tebow, and I’m here to lead all Denver Broncos fans to the Promised Land. On Monday morning my father God, acting through Broncos coach John Fox named me the starting quarterback. All your prayers have been answered.

On Sunday, Oct 23, I will travel across America to the city of the Jews, Miami. Along the way crowds will gather and cheer with glee, singing songs of praise and pleading to be saved.  Then, despite the fact that there will be many doubters there, and may people who seek to do me harm, I shall ride the on the shoulders of Ryan Clady, who is hung like a donkey, past the palm trees and into the stadium.

Man, it’s gonna be a beautiful day. I can’t wait. Did you see that comeback I made against the Chargers this last Sunday? It would have been complete if Brother Brandon Lloyd hadn’t dropped that two point conversion.

At first I was angry. I know it’s wrong to express anger in that manner, but defying me the way Lloyd did is unacceptable. I, like my biggest disciple Skip Bayless, believed that Lloyd dropped that two point conversion on purpose. He betrayed me. Dude gave me the football version of the Judas Kiss right there in the end zone.

But, then I realized that wasn’t the case. No, Brandon didn’t want to drop that pass. He had no control over it. He didn’t have a crisis of faith as I feared. He tried to the best of his ability, but just couldn’t quite haul it in. And why, couldn’t he make the catch?

EL DIABLO! That’s why.

The Devil himself took over Brandon’s hands and forced him to drop that pass. It’s the only explanation. I was being tested. And I passed that test. Just like the person who took my tests at the University of Florida for me passed all those tests. Once again I showed the world that I cannot be defeated by evil.

I cannot promise that we will make to the Super Bowl this year. For our journey will be long. There will be many great challenges along the way. But, if you keep me in your hearts and never lose faith, then we will make it someday. You’ve just got to believe.

Pay no attention to people like Merril Hoges. The doubters. The people who seek to diminish me and who I am in your eyes. There will be many of them. Most will come in the form of so-called “football experts.” They will say that I have bad mechanics, which is 100% not true. My new Mercedes has a maintenance plan with it and the mechanics at the dealership are outstanding.

They will say I have bad footwork. Again, not true. I’ve been working on both the Tango and the Pasodoble with Karina Smirnoff of Dancing with the Stars to improve my skills and make me lighter on my feet.  So, remember my brothers and sisters, they don’t know what they’re saying when they speak ill of me.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

God Bless.
Tim Jesus Christ II Tebow

P.S. If you feel the need to contact me, you may do so through Brother Jayman


I'm With Stupid said...

It's good to see how quickly his career has been resurrected, but I have a question. When they're playing at home in the Mile High City and he gives a pep talk to his guys, is that like the Sermon on the Mount?

And dig it...His initials? TT? It's like two crosses. Coincidence? I don't think so. Cheers!!


Dianne said...

I really really dislike TT
ever since he was the self-righteous draft pick
I'm just waiting for the sex scandal

Mike said...

I thought the Rams might need him. But after an 0-4 start they finally didn't lose last weekend. Things are looking up.

jack mehoff said...

i hope we (oak) in week 9 rip off his head and shit down his neck

god bless

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: You are quite observant with the TT's. Well done.


I'm With Stupid said...

Dianne: Well, don't hold your breath for the sex scandal. Mr. Tebow is the real deal. A good and decent person who doesn't make bad decisions.


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: I know what can help the Rams at this point. They just suck.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jack: That would be just the kind of thing the old school Raiders would do. Man, I loved those guys. ha!


jack mehoff said...

precisely the reason i became a fan since i was a wee little one - its been a few rough decades but i am thinking we are on the road to recovered (especially with dead man walking out of the picture)

My 2 Pesos said...

Girl is hot. :D

I'm With Stupid said...

Jack: I'm the same way. Which is why I'm liking the Detroit Lion right now too. That defense has swagger. As the kids say these days.


I'm With Stupid said...

My 2 Pesos: Yes she is! Gotta love those East European babes.

And welcome!!


MysteryChick said...

Who knew Tim Tebow was the second coming of Christ and more importantly that Ryan Clady is hung like a donkey?!

jack mehoff said...

see you guys lucked out and those crappy years paid off which resulted in your team making the best of its draft picks - i wanted our local husker for the raiders - but regardless which team he is on, he is amazing to watch - at least in det he has company with vanden bosch. the addition of donkey kong to that front 4 makes them a big threat on d