Saturday, September 17, 2011

Matt Said, Jay Said V

It’s Saturday and that means “Matt Said, Jay Said.”  Let’s do this … 

Matt: “Cheers!”
Matt: “Where?”
Jay: “On the internet”
Matt: “Send me the link NOW OR I’LL KILL CORKY”
Jay: *sends link*
Matt: “Oh yeah! I loves me some Scarlett”
Jay: “Actually the ass shot is better than that one.”
Matt: “Um, link?”
Jay: *sends link of pic of a naked Scarlett Johansson’s gorgeous ass* (NSFW, opens in new window)

Jay: “You know the only thing that makes these pics a little less hot?”
Matt: “What’s that?”
Jay: “The fact that she probably took these pics for Sean Penn”
Matt: “Eww ... That does hurt.”
Jay: “And he probably shared them with Hugo Chavez.”
Matt: “Typical dick move by that asshole.”
Jay: “Totally.” 

Matt: “Got any show topic ideas?”
Jay: “A couple”
Matt: “Would you like to share them?”
Jay: “Parenting?”
Matt: “Oh! That’s not a bad idea.”
Jay: “Yeah, I figured ‘you’re a parent, and I have parents and I know people who have parents and I know people who ARE parents’ so we could handle that.”
Matt: “Hell yes. I have great parenting stories. People will even think I’m making them up!”
Jay: “Ha! Okay then. We can do it.”
Matt: “And the Creepy Kid Next Door can post about it on the blog too!”
Jay: “Brilliant” 

Jay: “The other big news of the day: Sarah Palin had a one night stand with Glen Rice?”
Matt: “I read that!”
Jay: “That’s pretty hilarious.”
Matt: “He took it hard to HER basket.”
Jay: “He posted her up down low”
Matt: “He cleaned her backboard.”
Jay: “They ran the Give and Go!”
Matt: “He showed her his cross-over move.”
Jay: “He went for the reverse lay-in”
Matt: “Bristol probably asked if she could substitute”
Jay: “Or if they could double team him.”
Matt: “Hope she didn’t double dribble!” 

Jay: “Okay, so Parenting?”
Matt: “Right! Let’s do it.”
Jay: “Cool”
Matt: “Wait. You know, I’m not feeling it”
Jay: “Happens when you get older”
Matt: “No, the show topic.”
Jay: “How ‘bout we talk about our attempts at saving Summy and all the good we do”
Matt: “Yeah, let’s go with that.
Jay: “Humble Heroes?”
Matt: “I like it! Let’s do it!” 

And there you have it kids. Another amazing look at our very intense and show prep and strategy sessions.  

Also, we’re working on a blogroll! If you would like some linky love, just let me know.
And, don’t forget, we’ll be LIVE at 6:30 pm EDT talking Christian Charity and all the good deeds people like you and us here at IWS can do for others on I’m With Stupid


I'm With Stupid said...

Our brilliance lies in our ability to pivot from the Parenting topic to a show about Charity and good works...We so rock. Cheers!!


Gnetch said...

But how can a phone be hacked? Did Scarlet lose it or something? She didn't do the Vanessa Hudgens stunt, did she?

I'm so behind! (By behind, I didn't mean butt. That wouldn't make sense. Ha!)

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