Sunday, August 28, 2011

Year One

Last night on I’m With Stupid, Matt-Man and Jayman celebrated good times.  We held the first part of our One Year Anniversary Extravaganza and it was a rocking good time!  And of course, Mike called in to celebrate with us.  AND, our good friend and sexy babe M. Rumblings called too! It was the first time she had called. I guess she wanted to make it special, which she did. 

Matt and Jay took a little trip down memory lane. We talked about some of our favorite callers over the past year. And some of our favorite sound files that we created. And sponsors like “Dr. Mengele’s Joyous Joe’s Retirement Home” and “Ponchorella’s Taco Bellas” and even “Fast Freddie’s Funerals.” 

We also had some great live remotes over the year and some of our correspondents were right there in the Bagwine Digs partying with Matt and Schmoop. Guy Ahnyurdyck and Kim Fragiley were both there and man were they kicking things up a notch! Whatever the hell that means. 

Anyway, it was a fun and sometimes poignant night of radio as we remembered the good times and the bad. So, be sure to check it out as you might suddenly remember something from one of the early shows like Knight calling in while lying naked in her bed. I know that memory always makes me happy. 

And, as always we appreciate our listeners and friends and all of the great support you’ve given us over the past year.  We love you all! 

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Also, don’t forget that Part II of the Anniversary Extravaganza will be on Monday at 11 am EDT. Not only will we continue to talk about the last year of cutting edge radio brilliance, but we will also preview Season 2 of I’m With Stupid. You don’t want to miss that!

Oh! Also, since we used all the great boob and ass pics to promo the show I thought maybe we would do something for the ladies on the show review post. It’s only fair. So here is the “I’m With Stupid” All Male Stripping Team…


Mike said...

I'm supposed to get paid when people use my picture. It's a copyright thing.

Dana said...

DAMN! I missed the show ... but at least I was sitting in a bar, getting drunk and showing my boobies in celebration!

Gnetch said...

I didn't get a shout out, Jay. I'm hurt. :p

Kidding. Of course I am!


I'm With Stupid said...

It was spectacular and part deux today at 11 AM EDT will be just as huge. Cheers!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: You'll need to contact our lawyers then. ;-)

Dana: I'm kind of hurt that you weren't there. With you boobies.

Matt: It was HUGE!

Gnetch: I'm sorry. You'll get a shout out every show from now on. Promise. ;-)

- Jay

Knight said...

Ha! I love you guys. I'm always listening naked. You can trust in that.

I'm With Stupid said...

Knight: Once again, you have left a comment that will be seared into my mind forever. That's so hot.

- Jay

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