Monday, August 29, 2011

Anniversary Extravaganza Part II

Today was part two of our Anniversary Extravaganza!  And we, as always, took our cues from Miley Cyrus and titled it “Party in the USA.”  As you probably already know, nobody represents America and Partying more than Miley. And, I have it on good authority that Miley has given up low class shows like “Jersey Shore” for “I’m With Stupid’s” more sophisticated and intelligent humor.

Anyway, we talked a little more about some of the shows from the past year. Shows that turned out much better than we or anyone thought they would. Such as the Sandwich Show where Crackerville called in and talked about how much she loves “rusty” sandwiches. Only later did we discover that she meant “roast beef.”   And, there was the Joke Show with turned out to be pretty darn humorous. 

Of course there were a few shows that didn’t work out as well as we were hoping.  Like the Music Shows.  First when we had international pop start Jon Bok Chovie who turned out to be the LeBron James of the entertainment world.  And then when we talked music we discovered that it would have worked better to be able to play the music too. 

Nevertheless, it was an amazing first year for I’m With Stupid and we have a HUGE Season Two planned. In fact, we previewed it a bit on today’s show. First up will be our Beat Poetry Night next Saturday. Oh man is that gonna be a groovy show! 

And a special thanks to Sunshine State Shirley for calling int and helping us celebrate today!  So please give today’s show a listen and help us celebrate this great achievement since it’s YOU, the fans, that keep us going. We love you all! 

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And, as a special gift for listening, here’s hot and spicy Selena Gomez hanging out at the VMA’s last night with some lesbian. 


I'm With Stupid said...

I thought Shirley was as hot as always, but seeing that pic of the lesbian that Selena is with...Considering me taken. Cheers!!


Mike said...

I think the Biebs is trying for the ultimate definition of unisex.

Gnetch said...

Why are you so mean to Justin Bieber? She seems like a nice girl! :p

Dianne said...

did you see him during Gaga's performance? he looked sickened and angry
that kid is getting creepy

thanks for checking in during Irene :)

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt: That is one sexy lesbian. No doubt. Almost Rachel Maddow sexy.

Mike: I'm sure he sits to pee.

Gnetch: Justina is a very nice girl. Good point.

Dianne: I have no doubt that he is an extremely judgmental person. I think it's obvious from his reactions to things.

- Jay