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Sunday, December 21, 2014

IWS Person of the Week: Santa Claus !!

Cheeeeeers…Happy Winter Solstice….and let’s get ready to get our Christmas Rumbllllllllllllle on!!

As it is Sunday once again and a mere four days prior to our world’s annual Christmas celebration, who is more qualified to personify and embody the holy, supernatural, and good-willed spirit of Christmas than this week’s IWS Person of the Week

Santa Claus!!

Nobody, that’s who.

Santa Claus being the shape shifter that he is, has been around for years in one form or another and once in awhile people have spoken of him as a creepy figure.  It’s an outrage!!  We here at IWS Radio know that among the millions who have sat upon his lap, the lap-sitters are typically far creepier than our beloved Santa Claus…

Many people think of Santa Claus as nothing more than a jolly old gift giving soul who hasn’t a care in life, but his job is incredibly hard.  He alone has to determine for the entire world over the course of year, those who have been naughty and those who have been nice.  More often than not, that can be a very time consuming and difficult job, yet other times, not so much…

Even though there are billions of people in this world, somehow Santa takes the time to investigate each of us individually, and determine if we are worthy of him providing us with his own personal package…

Santa can work his magic like no other and instantly tell if you have been good or bad, and decide if you are worthy of a Christmas gift, or in the case Jay and Matt, an entire Santa sack full of Christmas gifts.  So…

Here’s to Santa Claus, our IWS Person of the Week.

And…For more great Christmas fun and frivolity, join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio Staff as they present two hours of laugh filled, music filled, and just plain Christmastime good will LIVE today from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.

The entire IWS Radio staff will be on hand to get you in the mood for Christmas like no else, as they celebrate the commercialized solemnity of the birth of the Holy Baby Jeebus during the, We Got Your Bells Jingling Right Here Baby episode of the IWS Radio Show.

To listen LIVE from Noon-2 PM ET today click right HERE, and as always, call-us up and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas at 661.244.9852!!  

Friday, November 21, 2014

This Thanksgiving, Matt-Man Is Giving Til' It Hurts

With less than a week before America gluttonously celebrates Thanksgiving with food, wine, and Black
Friday shopping specials, I thought it would be nice to take time and reflect on the word Thanksgiving itself…Specifically, the last half of said word.


While it is nice that at this time of year people trumpet with clarion call for what they are thankful, it would be nice to hear more from the trumpeting brass section of life about what people are doing in the matter of giving.

I being a humble man, hate to broadcast the many nice things I have done for others, but I feel perhaps it is time to exploit relate a couple of incidences of my generosity that I have shown recently in order to give people a push to do the same in their lives.

Recently, Jayman approached me and asked if we could not do a show this Sunday, November 23rd.  He said that he needed to spend quality time with his family in honor of Thanksgiving.  I said, “Of course, family comes first.”  However…

When Blog Talk Radio CEO Alan Levy was informed about us not doing this Sunday’s show, he with gnashing of the teeth and a less than competent posse of knife-wielding tech ninjas surrounding him said…

“You will surely do a show, or…you will surely die.”

Jayman along with a steel-spined and giving Matt-Man by his side, stood resolute…

Needless to say, we are still on Blog Talk Radio, but are not doing a show this Sunday.  And then?

The Beer Mine has a relatively new employee.  Beer Mine Beth has been with us for some seven months now and has kids…kids who desperately want, need, and hope to spend the blessed day of Thanksgiving with their mama, but…there was problem.

The Beer Mine (conveniently located at the corner of Elmore and Burnett Rd. in Bagwine, OH.) is open on Thanksgiving and Beth typically works on Thursdays.  Yours truly could not bear to envision her precious little ones spending Thanksgiving Day wiping away the tears, longing to be held in a maternal grasp while foraging on cold Beefaroni, so…

I told Beer Mine Beth that I would work Thanksgiving Day for her.  Sure I know…I could be spending it at home with my family, but, well…my family understands that the Welcome Mat laid upon the stoop of my heart and good-nature is one that reads:  “Wipe your troubles from off your feet; and at my giving table, please have a seat.”

Sure, it’s a pretty large welcome mat that contains that message, but let me tell you…the front porch of my heart is big enough to display it.

And well…That’s what I am all about this  In fact, while some folks call me Matt-Man, some call me Matt, and others even call me Matty.  For all of the giving that I have been giving this Thanksgiving, I want to be known as the Amattican Red Cross.

Please follow my Christ-Like example, and as always…


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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

You've Never Been Touched Until You've Been Groped By a Left-Handed Person

Cheeeeeers and a Happy Tuesday to you all.

First of all, I want to thank those of you who listen to the IWS Radio Show on Sundays from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio or catch it later in the archives.  The last few shows have done really well and we appreciate your taking the time to listen.

Secondly, I’d like to talk about an affliction that curses some 11% percent of our nation’s population.  For those of us, such as yours truly who are cursed with it, it can be truly annoying.

This affliction makes life extremely more difficult…makes the simplest tasks unnerving…and is a condition that up until 30 years or so ago was so sinister, that Catholic nuns through tensile strength of a plastic ruler and the grace of God would try to beat it out of those who suffered from it.

I am of course, talking about the infirmity of being left-handed.

Tomorrow is World Lefthanders Day, and dammit, I want to raise awareness (whatever that means or does) about the trials and tribulations that we left-handed folks such as Demi Moore and myself face and have faced throughout life.

Remember the spiral notebooks we had to use in school back in the day?  The spiral is on the left God Damn side, and would cut an imprint like a bitch into a lefty’s arm during one 100 word or less 4th grade short story writing assignment.  Fuck Mrs. Parrish.  Bitch had it in for me from day one of 4th grade.

Did you have to endure the crying and humiliation of having a hard time learning to tie your shoes because your were a lefty being taught by a person from the right-handed world?  To this day, I remember bawling on the floor prior to Kindergarten starting because I couldn’t get the shoe tying thing RIGHT!!  Oh the Humanity!!

My late brother John?  He went to Catholic schools back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Catholics were still big into Latin back then, and a Latin derivative of sinister or evil, meant being left handed.

When the Sisters of Charity and Happiness saw that he wrote with is left hand, they beat the Hell out of it until his unholy hand was no longer able to pen the words of the Devil.

Ironically, as he then had to write with his right hand, his penmanship looked like claw marks and chicken scratches WRITTEN BY THE DEVIL!!

Why can’t we all just get along?  Can’t you right-handed people accept people like me and Lisa Kudrow for our left-handedness?

Why do there have to be impediments to our lifestyle and congenital disease that leave us sitting alone on the outside of a booth at a restaurant?

Anyhoo…Tomorrow August 13th…Find a left-handed person, go up to him or her and not only say, "I am with you", but give them a peck on the cheek as well, and…make sure to do so by approaching me…or him or her from the right so I …er him or her, can give you a big left-handed grope while you do so.


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Guys We Fucked

Let me tell you boys and girls…Yesterday during the IWS Radio Show things got wild!!

First off, Jay and Matt berated Blog Talk Radio for currying favor toward hot chicks with potty mouths, and let me tell you…this will not stand.

Next week’s IWS Radio Show is going to be an explicit show about explicitness!!  So, strap yourself in or go home, be hernia free, or be a lesser person for not being able to meet the risk…and the challenge.

After nearly thirty minutes of berating BTR for not caring about men…men who pay good money to be “Premium” members, and ultimately proving our point that Blog Talk Radio only promotes shows hosted by women of loose values and questionable moral character…

Jay and Matt after being angered by these facts, settled down, and put on one helluva great radio show yesterday.

Sure, the two Cocks…Slyder and Drew couldn’t give a correct answer to save their lives…

Aunt Jax, while incredibly LATE to the party with her song (which was HOT) hung out with us and was awesome…

Bobby Kraft made fun of online quiz results, and our very own Matt-Man as well.  It was awesome!!

Jamie Mapleleaf was so God Damn Canadian while chiming in, that while even not listening, Bill Shatner cried.

Kip Kelly was on hand to announce his new game show, and really?

The show was all about fun as we asked each other trivia questions, however…

Enjoy this show now, because if you do not?  When next week’s show comes around, you will hopefully be offended to the point where you tell your friends and neighbors.

Here you go my friends and neighbors…If you missed us LIVE on Sunday, you can catch all of the IWS Radio hilarity, right here…

Friday, December 27, 2013

IWS Radio IS Ready for Primetime!!

Happy Friday, Second Day of Kwanzaa, and National Fruitcake Day to one and all, and I hope that
everyone reading this, had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of the Holy Baby Jeebus this week.

I know I did.  I spent Christmas Eve at my brother Marty’s house and my son was actually there, and he had a present for ME.  It’s true!!

It was a Christmas miracle, and really?

The entire evening there was quite fun, because unlike many families, me and my brothers and sisters, get along pretty well.  But you know what I told my son Ryno Christmas Eve because I found it to be somewhat disturbing?

When I am with my brothers, even at six feet tall, I am the shortest Mahoney man in the room.  Hey, I know I was the baby of the family, but Mom and Dad, could you have spared an inch or two for me?

Wait…That didn't sound right, did it? Oh well, and anyhoo…

I, and certainly Jayman as well, hope that all of you gorgeous miscreants had a delightful Christmas.

Religious affiliation (or not) and/or whatever type of observances that you may or may not have had aside, Christmas is a great touchstone and catalyst for having fun with friends, family, and the ones whom you love.

Unless of course you send a very dear friend a picture of hot dog to their Facebook page as a token of Christmas joy and they end up deleting your wiener.  That right there is just plain, hurtful bullshit, but I digress, but I may discuss this issue further this Sunday on the IWS Radio Show, which by the way…

Is going PRIMETIME!!

Dat’s right Bitches!!  IWS Radio is going to be airing LIVE THIS SUNDAY from 8-10 PM ET, and probably will have that same time slot for at least 10-12 weeks.

Y’see?  The President and CEO of Blog Talk Radio Alan Levy approached Jay and I about going to a primetime slot because in his words…

“Primetime in the winter on BTR really slows down.  It has no pizzazz.  We need you guys….We need the IWS Radio team…We need you guys to be the straw that stirs the BTR primetime drink.”

So…I begged Drive-By Mikey to allow me to work the Beer Mine seven days a week, so that I would be sober at 8 PM ET on Sundays in order to do the show and help Alan Levy out.

Mikey put up a struggle, but he acquiesced and said to me…

“As much as I enjoy working Sundays, if you do an 8 PM show on a day that you are off, you won’t be able to dial in to the switchboard let alone talk coherently on the air.  Don’t get all gushy and thank me, but Sundays are all yours from now on Matt-Man.”

And there you have it.

So…Join us LIVE this Sunday from 8-10 PM ET as we go primetime and look back on 2013 and look ahead to 2014 during the IWS Radio 2014: Bigger and Stoopider show.

Me, Jay, Guy Ahnyurdyck, Rev. Moneymaker, Drew Peacock, Dana, Malcolm Eckstein, and a host of others will be on hand to celebrate the New Year and Kwanzaa!!

To join us LIVE this Sunday, you can click HERE.


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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Matt Said, Jay Said 10 6 2013

Matt speaks…Jay kinda just sits back and let’s his premium self glow and flow.  You say, “What the Fuck?”

Cheeeeeers Bitches and welcome to an atypical version of Matt Said, Jay Said.

Typically on Saturdays, you revel in reading the transcript of Jayman and I prepping our upcoming show with the finest of finely tuned wits, however…

This Saturday is different, and do you know why?

Well let me tell you.

This Sunday’s IWS Radio Show, cleverly titled Oktoberfest 2013, has been made a staff pick by the dedicated, overworked, and evidently, very smart and comically inclined staff at Blog Talk Radio.

I know, I know…That may not be a big deal to you guys, but to Jay and I? We are all smiles because we are saying to ourselves and each other…

“Big Dick’s donation of $399.00 to allow us to go Premium on BTR has finally paid off.”

In fact, when Jayman and I found out that we are a BTR Staff Pick, we took our clothes off, oiled up, and reenacted the volleyball scene from Top Gun with each other via Skype.  We were naked, laughing, and all the while yelling, “We’re stoked!!”

That is something that I’ll never forget. One never forgets milestones…nor the sight of an oily Jayman holding a volleyball in one hand, a margarita in the other, while wearing nothing but a Viking helmet.

It’s HOT!!

And so is the Staff Pick.  In fact, here is the very moving e-mail we received from them on Friday…

Hi IWS Radio,
Congratulations!  Your show has been selected to appear in the Staff Picks section of BlogTalkRadio's homepage starting on Monday, October 7 at 12 AM EST for the next 24 hours.  Look out for it then, and don't forget to let your audience know that your show was featured on BlogTalkRadio.

Jayman and I are kinda excited.  We spend a lot of time on the website and radio show so this is kinda nice, because trust me, it’s nice to get thrown a bone once in awhile for one’s efforts.

And that is coming from ME!!  The Matt-Man… A man completely devoid of ego or self-interest.

Anyhoo…We hope you join us this Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET for our Oktoberfest 2013 celebration on IWS Radio on Blog Talk Radio.

It’s going to be a HUGE party with the likes of Paul Piatt, Guy Ahnyurdyck, and our resident German chef, Franz Bitter.

Bobby Kraft and Kirk Douglas will be there as well, annnnnnnd.....

We will have a report from our fave Canadian, “Made in Canada” Jamie as she breaks down Oktoberfest in Canada.

Perhaps we’ll call the German Embassy and a few members of Congress to get a shutdown update, and of course, we’ll be taking your calls at 661.244.9852.

We’ll be talking German Bier, German Babes, and little known German facts as well.  Sunday is going to be Deutschland Uber Alles on IWS Radio.

Please join us and help us to not let down the BTR staff for making us one of their picks of the week.

To join the fun on Sunday from Noon-2 PM ET you can click HERE!!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Our Anniversary is Coming Up and Gifts are Encouraged!!

Cheers, and how is everyone today? Well I hope, and anyhoo…

Y’know folks?

This past Sunday on the IWS Radio Show which featured bad poetry and Mexican-Americans who get turned on by chicks who can sound like a man, Jayman and I put on one helluva two hour internet radio show.

Some of the hilarity and professional type radio brilliance came from Jayman and I; however, much of it came from our hardworking IWS Radio team.

People such as…

Bobby Kraft…Guy Ahnyurdyck…Dixie Ozark…Slyder Balzcock…Kirk Douglas…Paul Piatt, and of course, the man with no first name…Rev. Moneymaker.

But of course, what made the show a success were the guests in the chat room, and the caller-inners.

People such as…

The Lady Killer, Jesse Ferg…The Bryon with a Y lovin’, Nurse Sherri…Our newest American Luis, and his hilarious wife Michelle…A fun-loving, non-gay man from Northern California, one Brown Beasely…and of course…

That North of the Border Hot Mess of Disorder, the uber-lovely Canadian, Jamie…who was listening from her bed, and as far as Jay and I could tell and/or imagined, she was naked while doing so.

Yeah that’s great and all that Matt-Man, but what is your point?

My point is…

While I enjoy doing the show every Sunday with Jayman, yesterday I had FUN doing the show because we had great callers, great chat room guests, and THAT, is a recipe for fun, and I am sure that Jayman feels the same way.

Jayman and I can do a show and banter quasi-wittingly amongst ourselves for 120 minutes, but it is always more fun when people chime in.

You see?  If people don’t chime in during our show, it poses the age-old question.

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make a noise?  Likewise…

If Jay and I do a radio show, and nobody joins in, was the only noise created, that of our own voices?  Yes!! And really?  Who wants that?

Nobody.  Not even Tiffany Dupont nor a falling tree in a forest that makes no sound…or something, but anyhoo…

So folks, at long last, here is my point.

This Sunday, August 25th from Noon-2 PM ET on IWS Radio, Jayman and I will be celebrating the end of our third season on Blog Talk Radio, and we’d like your help.

We want you to help us fill the chat room.  We want anyone and everyone to call-in; we’d like you to record and send to us your words of encouragement or disdain, and we want to have one helluva send off to season number three of IWS Radio.

Help a couple of bruthas out, as we celebrate season three and look forward to season four, but…

Just don’t sound like Schmoop when doing so, because as she said to me early Sunday morning…

“Oh Dear God!!  There’s Going to be a Season Four!!?”


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IWS Radio and You...A Premium Blend

Cheers Chuckleheads and Happy Hump Day!!

Today, I could have written about the passing of Venezuelan not-so-strong man, Hugo Chavez, but…eh, he’s practically been dead for months now, so what’s the point?

And more so, Chavez was a freely elected dictator who has driven an oil rich country into financial ruin, so why bother?  Well…he was unintentionally funny, if you didn’t live in Venezuela, but m’eh.

I could have written about how our President, Barack Hussein Obama (Socialist-Kenya), has callously and cruelly crushed our free enterprise system so badly that…….the Dow Jones hit a new record high yesterday.

But what’s the point?  We all know he has been waiting for the big time Wall Street type companies to hit record profit levels before he, with the stroke of a pen…NATIONALIZES them, IMMEDIATELY!!

Or I could have written about PedophilePalooza MMXIII, as the College of Cardinals gather this week in Rome in order to elect a new Dope Pope.

But eh…What’s new about Catholic priests getting together over beers and discussing their altar boy stories about the “big (taut) one” that got away?

So…Ima gonna talk about today’s IWS radio show, but not too much.

Today LIVE at 11 AM ET Jay and I are going to discuss success.  The aromas of success.  The challenges of success.  The groupies that hopefully come along with success.

IWS Radio is now a Premium show on Blog Talk Radio and let me tell me tell ya…that doesn’t come cheap.

We are going to discuss how it happened.  What powers have been laid before us now that it has happened, and…what we will do with said powers.

Annnnnnnnd my dear friends…I may have an uber-special Birthday surprise for Mister Jayman who will be turning 45 on Thursday.

So join us LIVE today at 11 AM ET on Blog Talk Radio by clicking HERE.

We will be live streaming for an hour with no cut-off, so call-in as well at 661.244.9852, and let us know what you would like to hear from us in the near future with our expanded platform, and/or just to wish Jayman a very Happy Birthday.



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An Open Letter to Alan Levy CEO of Blog Talk Radio

Sometimes I find that being an internationally renown internet radio celebrity type can lead to frustration.

Oh sure…The notoriety is non-stop. Fame follows me. And the chicks?

Holy Cow, if either Jayman or I fail to get hit on or propositioned by less than eight uber-hot babes in a single day, we consider that day to be sub par, and well, an aberration.


I have no problem helping to write and produce the show.  I have no problem being my witty self on air.  I have no problem with helping Jayman to provide laughter and entertainment to millions across this Big Blue Marble of ours.

But ya know what I DO have a problem with?

The forum which we utilize to entertain and inform both the washed and unwashed masses, Blog Talk Radio!!

Damn right.

I know, I know….It is a free service and Jay and I don’t pay the Premium Membership in order to get all the bells and whistles, but man…I just don’t understand some things about BTR, so I have a few questions for its Co-Founder and CEO, one Alan Levy.

For instance…Our “A Couple of Sickos” show from September 30th…It had been Number One in the Comedy category for days and yesterday?  It was still getting hundreds of listens, and yet?

Poof!!  It disappeared from the ratings altogether.  WTF?  How does that happen?

Gee Mr. Levy, I’m sorry that all those crappy shows that pay you $399.00 or more a year can’t compete with IWS Radio, but that’s no reason to callously and arbitrarily erase our greatness from every book, ledger, and internet obelisk!!

We go through this every week.  IWS Radio is on the top of the ratings and then BAM!!  You sprinkle your Emeril dust on us and we are served up to be the main course upon the dinner table of obscurity.

You know the truth Mr. Alan Levy…With our numbers, IWS Radio would show up on the comedy category ratings as shows Number one through ten!!  Uh-huh…but noooo…

You there at BTR have some Masonic type rating system that us non-Knight Templar radio types know nothing about.  I bet you and your staff laugh at Jay and I as you do your secret BTR handshake and pull us from our Number One spot every week.

Hell, you won’t even let us be Number One in different categories at the same time.  What’s up with that?  I am so sorry that we are that awesome, but evidently you look down upon awesomeness and in turn choose to reward mediocrity.  Such a rare and odd trait in a successful CEO and business type guy.

Another thing…I have a problem with your $399.00 Premium Member charge. Without it, BTR limits Jay and I to 45 minutes per show, offers us no promos, and yet, we still hit Number One every week, and you know what?

As of late, our two shows per week are getting a total of 5,000-7,000 listens per week.  So let’s be temperate and call it 6,000 per week.

People who listen to our show see one helluva lot of ads that you load onto our show page, and let’s say your ad revenue is equal to one cent per listen on our show.

You are making at least $60.00 per week off of our unbridled talent, and what do we get for our efforts? That’s right…Heartache!!

You are easily and conservatively estimating, making over $3,000.00 a year on our show and you can’t say unto us…

“I’m sorry, that I can’t change the way we rate shows, because honestly, I don’t even know how that works, but since you are such a consistently great radio show and make money for us, I will pay your $399.00 in order to become a Premium Member, and therefore you can do longer shows and generate even more income for me.”

See Mr. Alan Levy how easy that would be?  You owe us mister…You owe us big time, and you need to do the right thing and pay our Premium Membership.  You owe it to us, but more importantly…

You owe it to the world and our adoring, ad-clicking fans.


Saturday, September 15, 2012


Matt verbally defrocks, Jay verbally defrocks…You, listen and gawk in awe.

Matt:  Hiya Chuckles; what be the shakes?
Jay:  The shakes?
Matt:  Yeah, the shakes.  The haps?
Jay:  The shakes?  The haps?  Are you inarticulately trying to ask me what is going on?
Matt:  Yes.
Jay:  So…you’re a 47 year old man, stuck in the 70’s, who’s speaking like he’s 12.
Matt:  Whoa, dude…I never knew YOU were a numbers guy too!!
Jay:  Word.

Matt:  So what should we talk about on Sunday’s Sho---Oh hell, I forgot to tell you…
Jay:  What!!?  Tell me what!!?
Matt:  Schmoop is no longer interested in marrying you.
Jay:  What!?  Why the fuck not?

Matt:  She read on Twitter today that you find cottage cheese to be disgusting.
Jay:  It is…It’s gross, it’s worse than mayonnaise, and I fucking hate mayonnaise.
Matt:  She likes mayo and was willing to let you slide on that, but she can’t forgive your disdain for cottage cheese.
Jay:  So…Instead of moving here, marrying me, and forcing me into a lifetime of being told what to do, when to do it, and feeding me shit that involves mayo and cottage cheese, I am once again relegated to the lifestyle of a single man?
Matt:  That’s about the size of it.

Jay:  I…am…crushed.
Matt:  You’ll get over it.
Jay:  I think I just did.  So, Sunday…How about a Porn Show?

Matt:  Haven’t we done one already?
Jay:  You would have thought so, but I checked, and no we haven’t.
Matt:  Wow…that’s weird.
Jay:  I know, right!!

Matt:  Alrighty then, porn it is.
Jay:  We can talk about our favorite stars.
Matt:  What snacks go best with porn.
Jay:  Porn movies we’d like to see be made.
Matt:  Jewish porn.
Jay:  Is there such a thing?  I mean Gold Meir was pretty freaking hot, but did she ever get naked on camera?

(Matt coughed, dropped the phone, and was told by Schmoop to get her a beer)

Matt:  So the Porn Show it is…Ha!!
Jay:  What’s so funny?
Matt:  I can see you titling the show, “Porn Extravaganza”, and BTR censoring the title.
Jay:  Ha!!  They’re pretty fucked up, but they allowed a show to air titled, “Worst Head Ever”, how could they censor a show titled, Porn Extravaganza?
Matt:  Eh, we’ll see.  Oh and dig it…Even though the marriage is off, Schmoop will talk dirty to you on air.
Jay:  If that happens, I have one word for you my friend, “HOT!!”

Matt:  Alright.
Jay:  Aight…I think we are set.

So, join Jayman and Matt-Man Sunday at Noon ET on Blog Talk Radio as they talk porn, live porn, make porn, and talk about Matt-Man’s dirty little secret that was his foray into porn.

You can catch the action live Sunday at Noon ET on Blog Talk Radio by clicking HERE.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Life at the Top of the Mountain

Hola Stupids! Well, it finally happened. I’m With Stupid is (or was, depending on when you read this) the NUMBER ONE comedy show on Blog Talk Radio. And, after two years, 172 episodes, some cool guests, shameless self-promotion (which makes us both uneasy), guerrilla marketing and every conceivable attempt at SEO action, it was the show with my mother that hit #1. And how did that play out?

Me: “Yo mom! Check out the BTR rankings! IWS is FINALLY #1! It took forever but we finally did it!” 
Mom: “You’re welcome.” 

I’m glad she’s staying humble. Anyway, there are some people who IWS would like to thank personally here on this momentous occasion. I know this is risky because if we leave someone out, it will hurt their feelings. But, there are a number of people who have been so supportive and are such wonderful friends that they should be honored. So, I will list as many of them as I can think of right off the top of my head here:

Schmoop: She named the show! She might have meant it as a shot at Matt and me, but that’s part of her charm. The Schmoopster freaking rocks!

The Jaymom: She carried us to the top and has been so supportive.

Warrior_Kat: My BFF! She’s the one who told me “Just start doing the show. Don’t wait!” when Matt and I were dithering back in the day. She’s also hawt.

Hannah AKA: Sweet pea: The Jewess! Another babe who has provided many a hilarious moment for IWS. Anyone else call the show while hiding in a closet at work? I didn’t think so.

Jo: Wonderful and talented person who is also a great friend. Jo IS going to be a guest on the show sooner rather than later. She just is, dammit! Also? She's hawt too.

Knight: Another super talented hottie. She keeps insisting that I’m not creepy. I think she’s just being nice.

Mike and Mrs. Mike: Been there from day one and both have call the show many times and just so damn cute!

Dianne: Sexy outspoken Jersey babe who dropped the show’s first F-Bomb, which is exactly how it should be.

Dana Lu: Also there since day one and has probably taken more crap off of us than anyone.

Dr. Mike Sevilla: Great guy who not only has a great podcast himself, but has been super supportive.

Vinny Bond: We go wayyyyyyyyy back with the Vinster and he has probably taken the second most crap off of us.

Sunshine State Shirley: I KNOW, RIGHT?!

Mischie: Nothing but love and support from one of the sweetest people on Earth.

Tamra Ramone: Our 4th of July All-American Babe!

Gnetch: Little Miss Sunshine!

Carrie Welch: Our first big-time guest and great sport who probably thinks we’re freaking crazy.

Nicole Russin AKA: The Legendary Richarde: Another great guest who will totally remember us when she’s super famous someday.

Stacy Uncorked: The big breakout show! Our first guest who really brought in big ratings numbers and a cool chick.

Joker: It might have ended badly, but he came on the show was an excellent guest.

Drive By Mikey:  No comment.

Average Chick, Cletus the Fetus, Fluffilicious, Tantra Flower, Tyla Kells, LittleAngry Girl, David Lawrence, Julie Capri, Natalie Stevenson, Crackerville, Tiffany H, Jamie, Maria Sharapova, Alan Levy, 

I hope didn’t leave anyone out, but I’m sure I did. It certainly wasn’t intentional though, I promise! I know there are lots more out there and we appreciate each and every one of you! Thank you guys for your support and may the spiritual being of your choice bless you.


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Anniversary Extravaganza Part II

Today was part two of our Anniversary Extravaganza!  And we, as always, took our cues from Miley Cyrus and titled it “Party in the USA.”  As you probably already know, nobody represents America and Partying more than Miley. And, I have it on good authority that Miley has given up low class shows like “Jersey Shore” for “I’m With Stupid’s” more sophisticated and intelligent humor.

Anyway, we talked a little more about some of the shows from the past year. Shows that turned out much better than we or anyone thought they would. Such as the Sandwich Show where Crackerville called in and talked about how much she loves “rusty” sandwiches. Only later did we discover that she meant “roast beef.”   And, there was the Joke Show with turned out to be pretty darn humorous. 

Of course there were a few shows that didn’t work out as well as we were hoping.  Like the Music Shows.  First when we had international pop start Jon Bok Chovie who turned out to be the LeBron James of the entertainment world.  And then when we talked music we discovered that it would have worked better to be able to play the music too. 

Nevertheless, it was an amazing first year for I’m With Stupid and we have a HUGE Season Two planned. In fact, we previewed it a bit on today’s show. First up will be our Beat Poetry Night next Saturday. Oh man is that gonna be a groovy show! 

And a special thanks to Sunshine State Shirley for calling int and helping us celebrate today!  So please give today’s show a listen and help us celebrate this great achievement since it’s YOU, the fans, that keep us going. We love you all! 

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And, as a special gift for listening, here’s hot and spicy Selena Gomez hanging out at the VMA’s last night with some lesbian. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Celebration of Beer ...

Last night on “I'm With Stupid” we celebrated one of the greatest inventions of all time. BEER! That's right kids, we talked all things beer. We talked about our favorite beers and what we actually drink because our favorites are fucking expensive. We talked domestics and imports and …

And then things all when haywire when we got a caller. Our newest friend and fan called in from the NASCAR races in Kentucky? Where in Kentucky? THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAAAAAAA! That's where. Anyway, apparently the beer flows freely at NASCAR races and our friend was taking advantage of the flow. She's a Bud Light girl, in case you were wondering. Anyway, thanks for calling from a NASCAR race and finally getting us some white listeners Shirley. You rocked!

Also, thanks to Mike for calling in for the after show portion of the show. Mike was as cool and smooth as always. He's the Dean Martin of I'm With Stupid listeners without the singing talent.

So anyway, if you'd like to listen, and I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't want to, you can do so using the handy dandy BTR Mystery Machine below or on the sidebar. Or just use the blogger mp3 player on your Google Reader at the bottom of this post.

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And, as always, we thank you for your support.  

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Music Extravaganza Redux and Babe of the Week...

Hola Bitches! It was yet another classic “I'm With Stupid” last night. And by “classic” I mean, a “classic” performance by Time Warner Cable. This time, TW decided to crap out right in the middle of the show for about 6 minutes leaving me flying solo.

The idea of the show was to talk music. All our favorite bands, singers, songs, concerts and all that. And maybe some that are overrated and some that just flat out suck. But, just as we were getting into the groove there was nothing but silence on Matt-Man's end.

Sure, one of our listeners could have called in so I didn't have to wing it on my own for 6 minutes, but this was a good character building exercise for me, I guess. I rambled about some concerts I've been to and then did a little back and forth w/ the chat room. Then the Matt-Man called back in and we rolled through to the end of the show like the pros we are. So, check it out!

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And don't forget that we'll be discussing the news of the day, including the big vote to allow gay marriage in New York and lots of other stuff, on Monday at 11 am EDT! So tune in then and even call in to express your views!

Also, IWS Radio is proud to launch our first installment of “Babe of the Week” Something we'll do every Sunday. Probably.

Anyway, I know what you're thinking. You're sitting there saying to yourself “Oh boy! Here it comes. They're gonna pick some popular little teenybopper like maybe Avril Lavigne or even Brittany Spears or some other barely legal size 2 bitch that's super popular. Then they'll put a pic of her on here and name it something like Avril Lavigne Naked just for page views.” Or maybe you're thinking “It'll be someone who's popularity is rising and thus gets a lot of search engine hits like Grace Potter.” (ed note: RAWR!)

Well, once again you underestimate us! It's our secret weapon you know. Oh no people. Since we talked music this week, we're going with one of the greatest rocker chicks of all time. One who also has one of the sexiest voices of all time. One with actual talent! Why? Because we all know that talent is sexy as hell.

The inaugural Babe of the Week is none other than Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders:

And here's Chrissie doing her version of “Creep” which I'm sure she dedicated to Matt-Man and Jayman: