Friday, July 8, 2011

No She's Not Retarded...She's HOT!!

Happy Friday, Chuckleheads!!

We had another IWS reader submission which is incredibly nice.  The more items you guys submit to us for publication, the fewer times you will have to listen to Jayman or myself.

Anyhoo and to wit...

IWS's fave resident scientist, Desert Rat sent us a picture of herself from her, shall we say, more formative years.

This picture is proof positive that neither the toxic levels associated with materials such as lead nor graphite can stunt the brilliance or hotness of a woman while growing up:

Upon viewing this picture, you may say to yourself...

"Sure, she looks like a bright woman who happened to let her inner geek out for a second, but where is this hotness you spoke of?"

Well my friends...In addition to being a scientist who also holds an MBA, the lovely Rat today, can more than adequately fill the role and the hold the title of, Pin-Up Girl:

Brilliance AND hotness?  Oh hell yeah, it can be done, and Rat is proof positive of that.

We want to thank Rat for sending along the pictures, and remember...

You can catch Jayman and myself tomorrow night on I'm With Stupid at 6:30 PM EDT on Blog Talk Radio.

You can access a link to our show page by clicking on our Radio tab at the top of this site, and you can catch all of our shows by utilizing the archive player on our right sidebar.

I'll be back later this evening with some information on tomorrow's show, but I can tell you now that tomorrow's IWS Radio show topic is....BEER!!

Thanks again to the uber-smart and sexy Rat, and to all of you...




Jay said...

Scientist types are nerds.

Nerds are hot.

Rat is hot.

See? Did my own scientific breakdown there. That makes me hot too, right?


IWS Radio said...

You are indeed a briiliant fucker and almost, but not quite, as hot as Rat. Cheers!!


Beth said...

Agent Rat is totally awesome! Oh, you guys are ok too.

IWS Radio said...

You are too kind. Well, you're okay. Cheers Bay-bee!!


Linda Medrano said...

Agent Rat is certainly hot. Jay is hot. Matt-Man is pretty warm too.

David said...

I'm not sure - did you say something after I saw that pic?

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

You have some interesting fans....but then again, look at the two of you!


Mike said...

Agent Rat. Should I add that to my list today?

Desert Rat said...

The college years - good times, good times. Had the no-doze-midterm-exam-i'm-puttin-pencils-in-my-nose kind of over the top studying thing going on. It was a quiet evening. Better than coming home and finding that my roommate had hung all my underwear in the window.

Thanks for the shout-out! Ha! You guys are hilarious!

IWS Radio said...

Linda: Pretty warm? I would have settled for tepid. Thanks!!

Vin: Hope you had a good one. Cheers!!

Mike: She belongs on every list. Cheers Mike!!

IWS Radio said...

Rat: You are the best. And thanks for helping us out, hot stuff. Cheers Adorable One.