Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cold Beer Here!!

Hi Kidz!!

It’s Saturday, so you know what that means…that’s right!!

Time to listen to Jayman and me on I’m With Stupid tonight at 6:30 PM EDT on Blog Talk Radio.

Tonight’s topic?


That’s right we are going to discuss our love for beer and all things beer related.

Jayman and I are even going to be doing the show while we both partake of a pint of Wild Irish Rose to make it exciting.

It’ll be like watching, or in this case, listening to, the Flying Wallendas.

You can listen to our show by clicking HERE and of course, you can always call our show by calling in at 661.244.9852.

Please join us tonight at 6:30 PM EDT for I’m With Stupid. And of course…




Jay said...

I was just sitting here eating a glazed donut and thinking to myself "I wonder how beer goes with donuts?" I bet it's a perfect fit. Beer is pretty much the perfect beverage for all meals.

Mike said...

Busch beer? I didn't know anybody outside of St. Louis drank Busch.

Mike said...

OK now I get it. The beer belongs to Beth. Or something like that.

IWS Radio said...

Mike: Something like that. Cheers Mike.