Thursday, July 7, 2011

American Idol

Hora and Cheers, Britches!!

Jon Bok Choyvi, International singing sensation fwom Rand of Dwagon, and music collwespondent for I'm With Stupid, here to share most amazing music video fwom fwiend of I'm With Stupid, Reighann...

Reighann send us video of husband singing passionatewee about her boobs and her butt.  Her hubs can wock it!!

So...wifout muchly more adieu, I give you stirwing musical wendition of "I Ruv Her Boobs"

On behalf of Jayman Son and Matt-Man Son, me thank Reighann for answerwing the call from IWS to send us your submissions.

They are encourwaged and much liked...and make us super happy too.

Until re meet again, this is Jon Bok Choyvi saying...

Adios, and me ruv you rong time.

Jon : )