Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony's Future...

Yesterday, as you probably know, former MILF Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee. The biggest thing people are asking now is “What's next for Casey?” We know this isn't the last we'll see of Ms. Anthony. Nobody ever just goes away. Well I have a few ideas of what she can do with her new found celebrity status.

She could get her own reality TV shows...

“The Real Murderers of Orlando”
“The Octomom's Nanny”
“Getting Away With It Casey” (A Travel Show)
“25 and NOT Pregnant”
“Narcissists in the City”

Maybe write books...

“Child-Free by Choice”
“The Killer Within”
“The Deadliest Place on Earth”
“A Silencing in the Swamp”
“The Sexy Strangler”

Star in Porno Movies...

“Getting Off With Casey”
“Casey's Canyon”
“Casey Casey Bang Bang”
“Inmate 69”
“Casey is Cumming”

Maybe she could start a pen-pal website for lonely men: “Sexy Southern Sociopaths”

She could announce she's a Born-Again Virgin and replace Bristol Palin as the national spokesperson for the Candie's Foundation on Abstinence.

She could be Maury's co-host on his “Who's the Father” episodes. When a girl is all distraught that none of the 17 guys just DNA tested are the father of her kid, Casey can console her and explain that there are “alternatives” to single motherhood.

She can take over as spokesperson for the RNC for that whole “Families With Single Parents Aren't Real Families” thing.

She can be revealed as the person who killed Rosie Larsen next season on “The Killing”

She could replace Sherry as the “crazy” chick on “The View.”

She could get a new show on CNN Headline News along with Nancy Grace titled “The Moron and the Monster.”

So, as you can see, Casey has a bright future and lots and lots of options. I'm sure we'll be seeing her around again soon!



IWS Radio said...

She could become a sports babe and do a baseball show for ESPN called: Striking Out with Casey.


Linda Medrano said...

These are great, but it's such a sad story.

Jay said...

Matt: She has so much potential!

Linda: Yes, it is a sad story. Which is right up our alley here. ha

Thanks for coming by babe! ;-)


Mike said...

I really hadn't been paying much attention to this female. But now that she's been declared innocent, SHE'S EVERYWHERE!!!


I like the title of the jail flick. I'm watching

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Such a sin, because you are probably correct about some kind of TV deal

Anonymous said...

Burn that fucking whore alive!