Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Would Ya Help Some Bruthas Out?

When the uber-sexy Jayman and I started this website to compliment our I’m With Stupid radio show, we envisioned the following…

That you people would share with us your original posts, pictures, factoids, and whatever that demonstrates the stupid in our society and indeed our world.


Where are they folks?

While incredibly sexy, we are but two superhuman, um…humans, and we can’t do it all by our incredibly sexy selves!!

So Dammit…

Let’s hear your voices in the wilderness. Show us what you’ve got in the way of stupid in your world. We know it’s out there.

So, c’mon…

Contribute your original stories, pics, videos, whatever, and send them along.

We WANT you on that wall. We NEED you on that wall.

Just e-mail Jay or I with your submissions, and poof…you’re in like Flynn, and an internet star.




Jay said...

Excellent post. You groveled without sounding desperate.

Come on folks! Join in on the fun!

IWS Radio said...

Damn right Jayman, but don't worry..If it comes to groveling, I can do it with the best of them. Cheers!!


Beth said...

Matt: True Dat my brotha. Um, I mean you guys are great!

Anonymous said...

yep u r sexy

IWS Radio said...

Beth: Thank you for recognizing that fact. Cheers Schmoop!!

Anony: Damn right, and you are so anonymous. That's HOT.



Average Chick said...

So I just read your post and had the news on. They are pimping the local German fest and their live performers performing authentic German stuff. I look at the group of people and I'm trying to figure out how an Asian boy and hispanic girl are German??

IWS Radio said...

AC: Ha. That is a stretch. Tell Cletus we said Hi. Cheers Hot Stuff!!


Knight said...

Hmm... I'll try to write yall a song.