Sunday, July 24, 2011

My Little Town ...

Last night on “I’m With Stupid” Matt-Man and Jayman took everyone on a virtual audio tour of our hometowns.  We talked about all the great sights there are to see.  Things like the hole in downtown Redneckville, AR and the gray beaches of the C.J. Brown State Reservoir just outside of Bagwine, Ohio. 

And we hit on a few other great things about our towns.  Jayman pointed out that in Redneckville you can grab the phonebook and find the local number for the KKK! How handy is that? Other great sites in Redneckville include “The Hole” downtown, beautiful Lakeshore Drive that stretches out as far as the eye can see for just less than one quarter of mile. Unfortunately, Country Time Jamboree has closed down, so live entertainment is limited to the Redneckville Not Ready for Primetime Players at the Lyric Theater.

Of course, Bagwine has its great sites too. As in the area where the Battle of Piqua! Currently the Clark County Fair is taking place and you can walk around and see every style of mullet there is. And Matt-Man also pointed out that Bagwine sports two … count them: TWO! Walmarts! Not to mention that included in the Bagwine Metroplex is the industrial wasteland of Dayton, Ohio. 

Also, we want to thank the Official Hot Mess of I'm With Stupid, Sunshine State Shirley for calling in. And then, as if there hadn’t been enough hilarity already, Mike called in! So, check the show out guys. It was a pretty damn funny 45 minutes this week. Well, every week is funny, but this week was downright jocular.

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In other news, the entire staff of the I’m With Stupid Media Empire would like to send out our most heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Amy Winehouse. Amy passed away yesterday tragically and we are all just devastated by her passing.  We discussed it and we felt that the best way to show how much we’ll miss Amy would be to name her this week’s IWS Babe of the Week. 

R.I.P. Amy. You will be sorely missed. 


A Beer for the Shower said...

I'm from a one-horse dump of a town too, but escaped at first chance. The schmucks in that place weren't even retarded enough to *have* a KKK chapter.

Mike said...

I may start a Krazy Koffee Klatch here.

IWS Radio said...

That picture blows me away; I always pictured Amy Winehouse having hairy armpits.