Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm With Stupid: We Love Your Front, and We've Got Your Back

When Jayman and I went into cahoots together nearly a year ago as we produced our first I’m With Stupid Radio Show, we entered into our dynamic dyadic knowing a couple of things...

One, with our new website, and the power of Blog Talk Radio at our disposal, our humor, insight, and cutting edge tom foolery would reach dozens millions.

And number two?

We would use this new found power only for good.

Well…with guarded optimism, I am pleased to announce that the power and common sense of I’m With Stupid with help from Bagwine Ruminations*, has brought an evil, monolithic, communications giant to its knees.

Due to an ancient Time Warner cable line acting as our conduit to the wonders of the internets, our internet connection and phone service here in Bagwine were frequently breaking down disrupting phone calls and more importantly disrupting the I’m With Stupid radio show.

After weeks of getting nowhere with the Evil Empire that is TWC, I contacted them via e-mail on Wednesday…an e-mail which you can read HERE.

I threatened them with the full power and fury of the I’m With Stupid website, the IWS radio show, and a protest in front of their of their office here in Bagwine, Ohio.

Less than forty-eight hours after that e-mail was sent. Time Warner called us and told us that the new cable and connection will be done July 27th between 8 and 10 AM. They even confirmed their contact with our apartment manager that will allow them to access the apartment above us.

What can we learn from this?

If you or your company is a purveyor of untruths, injustices, and outright stupidity…I’m With Stupid will expose and correct your unwarranted statements and actions.

We may touch upon this on tomorrow evening’s IWS Radio Show, but for detailed show info, click on the now active Radio Show tab at the top of this page.

For now, this is the Matt-Man saying…

Jayman and I are a couple of middle-aged, under-sexed, funny guys looking out for the little guy, as well as often looking to score a little high class trim.


*A separate, yet wholly-owned subsidiary of IWS Productions…


Jay said...

If anyone else needs I'm With Stupid to take on injustice done by a corporation, just send out the IWS signal and we'll be there!

IWS Radio said...

Damn right Jayman...We are more than capable of striking back against the empire. Cheers!!


Beth said...

You're both Batman!

IWS Radio said...

Beth: We are Batman!! know what I mean. I hope it is fixed as promised. Cheers!!


Anonymous said...

They could have used both of you and your savvy back in the days of the Soviet Union.

I hear Cuba needs a lot of fixin...