Monday, July 25, 2011

Brett Favre Playing for the Philadelphia Eagles?

It’s being reported that the Philadelphia Eagles may be interested in hiring 68 year old Brett Farve as a back up to quarterback Michael Vick once the NFL lockout comes to an end.

Upon hearing this, a few things came to mind.

First I thought…

I’d really like for an NFL labor agreement to be reached so there’s football this year, but if the only way to keep Favre and His Traveling Drama Show from coming back to the NFL is to continue the lockout, so be it!!

Then I asked myself…

If Favre does sign a hefty contract with the Eagles does he still get the full amount of his Social Security check? ‘Cause if he does, that’s bullshit, man!!

Finally, I pondered…

There is going to be a lot of cost and confusion in Philadelphia when Favre comes to town and the Philly Convention and Visitors Bureau has to change all of their marketing materials to read…

Philadelphia: The City of Grandfatherly Love!!

Oy Vay…Favre back in the NFL? What’s next?

Will the Boston Red Sox give 73 year old knuckleballer Tim Wakefield a ten year contract extension?

Will the Toronto Maple Leafs enlist Stephen Hawking to be their goalie next season?

Will Playboy magazine make an offer to Phyllis Diller to be Miss December?

Oh the humanity. Please Brett Favre…I beseech you, Eagles front office. Make the madness stop!!



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Jay said...

The only positive thing to a Favre comeback that I can think of is the chance to see his lifeless body carried off the field. That would be entertaining.

IWS Radio said...

True. I guess there is an upside to everything. Cheers!!


Mike said...

I think Phyllis Diller is kinda cute in an odd sort of way.

IWS Radio said...

It's the cigarette holder isn't it? Cheers Mike!!


Beth said...

I have finally decided this fucker needs dirt sleep.

IWS Radio said...

Thank God!! Cheers!!


Anonymous said...

I think it's because he feels he has another season left of Embalming fluid. Can't let that stuff go to waste....

Anonymous said...

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