Saturday, December 8, 2018

Blogmas Day 7: Baby it's Rape Inside

Hey everybody! Bobby Kraft here with SHARP Cheddar for IWS Radio and you know what? I am sick and tired of hearing people bitch and whine about “Baby it’s Cold Outside” being pulled from rotation on a few radio stations. So what? The song is basically a date rape anthem. It tells guys “get her over to your place and then wear here down emotionally and make her give in and do something she didn’t want to do.” OH yeah, it’s true! 

I’ll let you in on another little secret. The song sucks. Oh I know it’s Dean Martina and what’s her face … uh … Doris Day, yeah her. Anyway, I love Dino as much as anyone, but dammit listen to the song. Dude is trying to force her to drink alcohol to make her less inhibited, he keeps making excuses for her and honestly is pretty damn forceful and quite obviously ignores the fact that she straight up says “The answer is NO!” Come on man, that’s the textbook definition of date rape. I’m not gonna support that shit. Hell, the song isn’t even really a Christmas song! 

I know you’re gonna say “But, it’s an Oscar winning song!” So? Gigi won a bunch of Oscars too and it’s best known for a song titled “THANK HEAVEN FOR LITTLE GIRLS!” Lolita won a bunch of Oscars too! There are lots of very problematic films and songs that have won awards. Hell, even though it wasn’t written for a movie, the song “You’re 16 (You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine)” was critically acclaimed and was a top three hit! Fuck that! 

I got another little piece of news for ya that might blow your mind. Are you ready? “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is NOT your favorite Christmas song of all time. No. It. Isn’t! Stop that shit! You don’t love that song. You don’t put that song above “White Christmas” or “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire” or “Silent Night” or any of the other legitimate Christmas songs. You don’t sit around in the summer thinking “Damn, I can’t wait until Christmastime so I can sing that stupid date rape song every day.” No you don’t! Don’t look at me like that! 

You just think you love it because you think it’s being taken away from you. If radio stations stopped playing that song and never said anything to anyone, nobody would be saying “Damn, where’s my favorite song where a guy forces his date to drink alcohol and then convinces her to stay the night with him?” Besides, the song hasn’t been taken away from you. It has NOT been banned! You can hear it any damn time you want. Just go to Youtube and play that song over and over and over all day long if you like. If you have shitty taste in music. 

Oh and you know what? I’ll just throw this in too. You democrats out there? You didn’t LOVE George H.W. Bush either. You sure as hell didn’t love Barbara Bush. And, almost none of y’all are big Kevin Hart fans. How’s that for tellin’ it like it is bitches! 

For IWS Radio this has been Bobby Kraft bringin’ the cheeeeeeeeeeese!  

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