Thursday, December 6, 2018

Blogmas Day 6: Donald Trump Haiku Poet

Hello everyone, Donald Trump, the Poetic POTUS here to entertain you with some TrumpKu’s! 

Eighteen Angry Dems
Ruined the Bush Funeral
There’s No Collusion! 

I’m a Tariff Man
China is Ripping Us Off
I Don’t Pay Taxes

Nice Bush Funeral
Mine Will Be Fancier
Carter Smells Funny 

The Bush Twins are Hot
Ivanka is Sexier
I Really Love Boobies 

Low Gas Prices
Thanks Saudi Arabia
But, Mostly Thanks Trump

Liberals Hate Me
Cause I say Merry Christmas
And They Hate Jesus

It’s So Damn Cold Here
Where’s That Sweet Global Warming
Keep Me Warm Stormy 

Happy Hanukkah
I’m Popular with the Jews
And Schlump Rhymes with Trump 

1 comment:

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