Saturday, December 1, 2018

Blogmas Day 1: Santa Brought Us Miley Cyrus

Holaaaaaaaaaaa y’all! Welcome to Blogmas! Yup, that’s right it’s Blogmas and IWS Radio is participating! We’ll be posting SOMETHING here on this blog every single day in December. I have no idea WHAT we will post, but we’ll figure it out. Somedays is might be a hilarious story. Others it might be something really deep and thoughtful. Sometimes it will just be a funny video and maybe every once in a while we’ll take an article written by some self-important political or sports pundit and analyze their analysis or possibly make fun of them. Most likely make fun of them.
Anyway, it’s Blogmas and we’re fully committed. That makes me just a little …

HA! Not really, I just wanted to post a pic of Miley Cyrus’ butt. It’s a nice butt. I’m sure her new song “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” is wonderful. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet though. Maybe I will this weekend. No, lots of football and, of course IWS Radio is happening this weekend. I’ll try to next week. We’ll see. If you’re interested, and I know that you are, you can watch it right here:

Did you enjoy it? I hope so. Miley is a nice girl. I’m sure it’s way better than that silly new song by Ariana Grande.

Damn, I’m coming back with some serious content! This is gonna be fun! Speaking of “coming back” I’m making my triumphant return to IWS Radio this week! Hell yeah! I’ve been on Leave of Absence for, uh, let’s see, ONE WEEK! Whew! I missed everyone! It was okay though because Jamie Mapleleaf stood in for me and she rocked the house! Seriously, check it out:

Jamie and Matt-Man did just fine without me. No problem at all. I wasn’t even needed. Nope. Not. One. Bit. Now, I’m sad. I’ll get over it though cause tomorrow it will be time to get back in the saddle and ride as we join the War on Christmas, which is already in progress! I highly recommend y’all listen!

Anyway, as I was saying, it’s Blogmas and IWS Radio is participating cause that’s the kind of people we are. We like to join fun parties like this. Plus, Blogmas is the most special time of year. I hope everyone else is in the Blogmas spirit. It would be just awful if there was also a War on Blogmas. If there is count us in on that war too. We’re ready to kick some ass!

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