Tuesday, October 9, 2018

IWS Radio was Featured on Howard Stern Show!

 Back in January Richard Christy from the Howard Stern Show ... YES THAT HOWARD STERN! THE KING OF ALL MEDIA HOWARD STERN! ... called into IWS Radio and prank called us. Of course we had no idea who it was. We figured it was just another BTR prankster. We had no idea it was a professional big-time prankster of such high esteem. Anyway, today they played the audio from that prank call and, well, Matt-Man and Jayman were on the Howard Stern Show!

HELL YEAH BITCHES! And, if you want to hear the show that that audio came from, and I know that you do, here it is! Check it out! The prank calls (we kept hanging up no him) come in the first half of the show. Very exciting, right?

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