Thursday, September 20, 2018

Do Dogs Rule While Cats Drool? An IWS Investigation

The whole Dogs vs Cats debate has been raging for centuries, but IWS Radio has decided to put an end to. Matt-Man and Jayman have wildly different views on this issue and believe it's time to settle the discussion once and for all. 
We're gonna break things down scientifically and throw in the intangibles that can't be
measured and decide which is better: Dogs or Cats? 
As always our Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf will be here along with the IWS Players to add some charm, sophistication and hilarity to the show. There will be good and bad music and questionable levels of booze consumed and lots and lots of witty banter. 
Plus, the phone lines will be open @ 661.244.9852 in case anyone wants to woof at us. HA! See what I did there? You catch the archived version of this show right here...

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