Monday, May 4, 2015

Rise And Shine With Tamra And IWS Radio

Hi all, IWS Radio BFW Tamra here...What's a BFW you ask? It means, Best Friend...Whatever!! Hee.

How ya all feelin'?...Feelin' a little low and slow on this Monday morning? Aren't we all? Well, we here at IWS Radio understand.

And we want you to know that we can help you out and get you over your Monday morning coming down...

Listen to yesterday's IWS Radio Show and you will hear the following wackiness...

Slyder Balzcock attempted to break down the multiple sports activities that took place this weekend, and if you like sports stew, he mixed them altogether.

Joshua and Big Gay busted out the rainbow of gay marriage and played jump rope around a bunch of old "Christian" white guys.

Frank Furlong reported on the winning length of Sarah Jessica Parker's misshapen nose and Jamie Mapleleaf described the chilling events that transpired in Canada during the Great Tim Horton Donut Sprinkles Riots. The riots were nearly as horrific as Sarah Jessica Parker's face.

The late, God-Awful Dan Fogelberg kicked off the Worst Songs of the Week, and then the Los Nachos Doritos Mariachi Band picked up the pieces from Jamie Foxx's National Anthem massacre as Betsy Ross lie weeping on the floor of the studio.

Kiki Shoutout shouted out an invite to bring IWS Radio to your parties, and iconically Jay and Matt found out that they are currently the #1 Comedy Show on BTR, and for whatever reason a Scotsman named Robert actually finds them funny...

I know, right?

Anyhoo, give the show a listen, hell...give it a listen several times and allow IWS Radio to take the edge off of your Monday or any day of the week.  You can catch the hilarity right here:


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