Sunday, May 10, 2015

IWS Person of the Week: Moms!!

Once again it is Sunday, so once again that means it's time for the IWS Person of the Week. And of course as today is Mother's Day, we can't help but name each and every mom in the world as our IWS Person of the Week.

We all have strong feelings for our moms, be they good or bad; so let's take time to celebrate and hate them on this very special day...

In fact Mother's Day is so special to us here at IWS Radio, that we are devoting today's IWS Radio broadcast to all of the mothers out there, and it will go something like this...

It's Mother's Day and Matt and Jay are here to help mommies all over the world celebrate. Nobody loves mommies more than Matt-Man and Jayman. Not just their moms either. They love your mom too. AND ... Your mom loves them right back. Matt and Jay are very popular with moms.

Singles moms, working moms, stay at home moms, pet moms, step-moms, wannabe moms, potential moms, dead moms, estranged moms, living moms ... IWS Radio is going to celebrate ALL the moms! 

If you are a mom or had a mom you count! Granted some moms are better than others, and Matt and Jay will be discussing that too. Plus, some moms are at war with other moms. Why? Well, it complicated, but the gang at IWS Radio is here to provide a full analysis of this phenomenon.

As always Canadian Bureau Jamie Mapleleaf will be here along with the rest of the IWS Players to talk moms and other important issues of the day. Things like the pending military takeover of Texas by the Obama administration. What's up with that? And all the other wacky and silly things going on the world too.

All this and YOUR CALLS at 661.244.9852! All moms get moved to the front of the line! Call us up and tell us how hard it is to be a mommy!

So join Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio gang LIVE TODAY from Noon-2 PM ET as IWS Radio presents: Mothers Invented Loving Families

To join the fun LIVE click HERE!!


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