Sunday, May 3, 2015

IWS Person of the Week: Viva Mexico!

Everyone at IWS Radio LOVES Mexico! We're all HUGE fans, so it makes perfect sense for us to name the whole damn country our Person(s) of the Week since Cinco de Mayo is coming up soon!

So many great things come from Mexico ...





And uh, OTHER fun stuff!! 

That's right kids! Mexico rules! If you would like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo or the Kentucky Derby or the NFL Draft or throw your own Baltimore Style Riot or make some Oral Arguments for or against something then you should listen to "Man Meat, Horse Meat and Tequila" at 12 Noon Sunday on IWS Radio!!! Be sure to call in at 661.244.9852 to talk to the masses.


Katy Anders said...

I'm a big fan of Mexico.

And by "Mexico," of course, I mean what every good Texan means when he uses that word: I mean every place south of the Texas border.

Just met someone from Brazil? They're Mexican!

Are you eating at a Chilean restaurant? Call it Mexican food.

In fact, that guy who lives next door who sort of looks Middle Eastern but has no accent and doesn't wear a turban? You can probably call him Mexican, too.

But none of that will keep me from drinking on Tuesday. Here is to Mexico, whatever the hell it is...

I'm With Stupid said...

Katy: Damn right! I did a GIS for "Mexican Women" and the first pic was of Sofia Vergara who is Columbian. It works the same for Asians too. All Asians are either Chinese or Japanese.


sternodox said...

My favorite things about Mexico are ALL THE THINGS you listed ... times about sixty-five kajillion ... hopefully all at the same time, hopefully TOMORROW, or Thursday night at the latest! Viva EXCESS!!!!!

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