Monday, January 12, 2015

Steve Kroft Is A Freak

Hi All…

Jay and Matt had a great show yesterday.

Steve Kroft showed up in order to escape his ass champagne drinking ways…

Matt and Schmoop got engaged…

Rev. Moneymaker was drunker than Hell, yet liked the fact that Matt and Schmoop lived no longer in sin.

Some of the worst songs ever were played…No…really.

Martin tried to calm us all down..

Schmoop called in our her new cell phone…Didn’t go well.

We celebrated the heroes of Charlie Hebdot.

We celebrated the late Bert Convy.

We later decided that the French were responsible for their evil fate due to bad music about pedophiles.

This post would be longer, but as we talked about Matt-Man being engaged, he has been ordered to bed.

Such a pity.

But for more Jay and Matt, please listen right here, as IWS Radio got their professional groove on, and made January a little more pleasant in spite of its brutal cold…

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