Sunday, January 11, 2015

IWS Person of the Week: Charlie

IWS Radio Person(s) of the Week are the staff members of Charlie Hebdo who lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Paris this week.

Elsa Cayat: Columnist

Bernard Maris: Editor/Columnist

Mustapha Ourad: Copy-Editor

Jean Cabut: Cartoonist

Pilippe Honore: Cartoonist

Bernard Verlhac: Cartoonist

Georges Walinski: Cartoonist

Stephane Charbonnier: Cartoonist, Columnist and Editor-in-Chief of Charlie Hebdo

Others who died in the attack:

Frederic Bosseau: Building Maintenance

Michael Renaud: Guest at the meeting

Frank Brinsolara: Police Officer/Body Guard

Ahmed Merbet: Police Officer

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