Saturday, December 13, 2014

Steve Carell Can't Wait For the IWS Radio Office Christmas Party

Good morning people.  Steve Carell here for IWS Radio. Many of you know that I spent years working in an office environment, and well…it logically follows that I spent many a year planning and attending my share of office Christmas parties.

Our office Christmas parties were always full of fun, friendship, and frivolity, and well, at times…awkward moments, social gaffes, and in a case or two, a bit too much to drink.  The fine staff at the award winning studios of IWS Radio are no different, and will be celebrating their equally awkward 2014 Office Christmas Party LIVE.

Jay, Matt, and the entire staff at IWS Radio will be broadcasting their entire bawdy, tawdry, and explicitly funny Christmas party shenanigans LIVE tomorrow from Noon-2 PM ET on Blog Talk Radio.

Jay, Matt, and the IWS Radio Players will be whooping it up as they celebrate drunken office party sex, their annual Christmas bonuses, and of course, the birth of the Holy Baby Jesus.

Stand-Up Santa will be live from Ha-Ha’s in Haifa, Jamie Mapleleaf will
be hummin’ in the Hammer, and Jesse Ferg will be singing his seasonal soul out.

Jay and Matt will offer rules of office party etiquette, provide culinary tips, talk with among others, the Rev. Moneymaker and Paul Piatt, and venture into the unspoken and nebulous world of Office Hanukkah parties.

The lovely Queen of Glazed Muffins Missalicious may be chiming in, and the adorable Deli Queen Schmoop will definitely be on hand in hopes of landing a new, wassailing, and drunken married man…bless her heart.

There will be laughs galore…music galore, and with any luck for members of the IWS staff, cheap and pre-regrettable sex galore.  

All of that plus your phone calls at 661.244.9852 as the IWS Radio staff drink to excess, crank up the Christmas tunes, and feast upon a smorgasbord of comedy at their 2014 Office Christmas Party.

To listen LIVE tomorrow from Noon-2 PM ET, click right HERE!!

Merry Christmas and/or a Happy Otherwise Somewhat Noteworthy Holiday,

Steve Carell


Bum Wine Bob said...

Don't forget the bum wine!

I'm With Stupid said...

Bum Wine: Never!! Cheers Bobcat!!


karter.martin said...

Yeah Very true!! Christmas parties are always full of fun. You know when we did office party on Christmas, we all enjoyed a lot. We were amazed to see wines in our office party, and we also did dance for 2-3 hours. It was really a great party. said...

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