Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Kentucky Wildcats ARE College Basketball!

Holaaaaaaa, Cheers and welcome to a very special event here at IWS Radio. Our good friend, the lovely and talented Shirley Terrell has agreed to do a special college basketball preview. Well, as you would expect, being a Kentucky fan, she just stuck to celebrating the only school that matters when it comes to college basketball...

Let me state up front and for the record that I am a lifelong, diehard, delusional, card carrying member of the BBN. For those of you who live under a rock, those three letters represent the amazing Big Blue Nation.  It is appropriate that I was ask to write a few words on the upcoming College Basketball season. I live in Lexington Kentucky. Home of the Kentucky Wildcats and yes, WE ARE COLLEGE BASKETBALL!!!  We know it. And so do you.

Before you attempt to point out the arrogance of that statement, please, don't bother. It is arrogant. Kentucky fans can be arrogant, rude, entitled and obnoxious. But we are truly a loyal fan base.

The upcoming basketball season is all anyone here in Wildcat Country can talk about (we have a decent football team this year and the growth and excitement surrounding the team is palpable). We love our football team. We favor our basketball team.  And with Kentucky picked to win the SEC and possibly play for a national title, expectations are high!  I am personally concerned with the SEC basketball conference strength. Florida will be a strong contender for 2nd in the SEC. Slick (Donovan) can coach. He's a little smarmy, but hey, his teams are always ranked. Arkansas Razorbacks are projected to finish 3rd in the SEC. I don't know why. I didn't read it. But I'm happy for Jay!

Of course there are other teams that deserve a mention. Duke, Arizona, Wisconsin, Kansas, Florida, Virginia and Louisville round out the top ten. The North Carolina Tarheels are in that top ten as well. They are not in mine. ESPN won't tell you about their 18 yearlong academic fraud investigation. The CEO of ESPN is a Tarheel alum.

The independent investigation outlines 18 years of academic fraud. Athletes attending what are referred to as "Paper Classes". Meaning of course that they are only classes "on paper". The NCAA and the University of North Carolina are also investigating. I am 100% sure that if this were Kentucky, ESPN would have reporters on every corner in Lexington. It would be the lead story on SportsCenter every hour. On the hour. There would be no end to their relentless pursuit of this story. Espn would apply so much pressure that the University and the NCAA would complete their ongoing investigation post haste. Whatever. It would be finished NOW!!!  Stop trying to minimize the tremendous levels North Carolina went to decieve us. The arrogance in which you cloak yourself as being one of THE premiere programs in college basketball is a joke. Stop it.
You are a fraud. An imposter.

A few more thoughts. The preseason polls have Kentucky fans salivating. However, we remember the 40-0 talk at the beginning of last season. Any team can be beaten on any given night. Not one single Kentucky fan I've spoken to, tweeted, etc will even utter the ridiculous 40-0 talk this season! Let’s be honest. We are not the only team that plays college basketball. We just think we are. Wait, is it arrogant if it’s true?

Lastly, for my friend Matt who gives me a hard time because my day is ruined when Kentucky loses a basketball game...I love you Matt but you really need to find a passion. Deep down inside I know you are a man of many passions. Let them shine my friend. Just let go and enjoy! The berating I will take will be worth it if inspires you to find your true passion. Mine are equality and Kentucky Basketball! See how easy that was! 

Here's to another great year of College (Kentucky) Basketball.



I'm With Stupid said...

That was awesome! A Kentucky fan chastising another school for being cheaters and not actually educating their student-athletes. Kentucky fans are the best!


jAMiE said...

Loved it...Go Wildcats.

I know, no hashtags here..but what the heck!

I'm With Stupid said...

My passion is to follow the teachings of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and not live vicariously through a sports team comprised of one and done-ers. Cheers and great job Shirley!!


Shirley Terrell said...

Awwww. The religious card. Love it!

Shirley Terrell said...

Thanks Jamie!