Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ranking the Best Fast Food Restaurants

Holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa foodies! You know, I try not to do fast food too often. It’s not healthy, overpriced and often times unsatisfying. Sometimes though it’s EXACTLY what I need. If you’re really craving something you gotta just feed that craving. So, here are the best fast food places according to Jayman …

15: Cracker Barrel: Okay, so not strictly a fast food joint, but still cheap eats and they have carry out. Plus, if you’re ever just feeling kind of down and lonely and want some comfort food, CB’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes will make you feel better. (Or chicken fried steak.)

14: Waffle House: Serious drunk food here. Steaks, burgers, hash browns, grilled cheese or just get breakfast anytime. It all sticks to your ribs. Also, hit on the waitress, you might get lucky.  

13: Papa Murphy’s Pizza: This is the best Take-and-Bake pizza I’ve had. They put plenty of ingredients on there and aren’t that expensive. They also put a decent amount of sauce on the pizza which is important.

12: Burger King: I really like their burgers. Nothing else though. Only problem is BK is expensive and it’s kind of an outrage.

11: Denny’s: Again, not really a fast food place, but my favorite breakfast by far. A Denny’s Grand Slam is a great way to start the day. Also, good late night foods if you’ve been out and are starving and have enough money to go somewhere other than Waffle House.

10: Sonic: Mostly for their shakes and slushes. Cherry is my favorite slush. They also have good popcorn chicken and great tater tots.

09: Whataburger: Seriously good burgers and fries.

08: Wienerschnitzle: Sometimes you have to just throw caution to the wind and go get a big-ass hot dog.

07: Famous Dave’s BBQ: Only BBQ I’ll get from a chain. Good burgers too.

06: Steak and Shake: Really great shakes! Steak burgers are very good too.

05: Five Guys Burgers: Just awesome. Love everything about their burgers and their fries are the very best fries of any fast food joint in the world.

04: Taco Cabana: Best burritos I’ve ever had from a fast food place or fancy Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant. Also, really damn good margaritas. I used to go there and get two burritos and two margaritas at the drive through. I hoped they thought the other burrito and margarita were for someone else.

03: Pizza Hut: Thin crust pepperoni pizza with extra sauce is my go-to pizza. It’s consistently good and satisfying.

02: Subway: My favorite sandwich place. I usually get an Italian BMT w/ bacon. Sometimes I get a Subway Melt. Other times I get a cold cut combo. Lots of options! Whichever sandwich I choose I’ll have them toast it and then put pickles and salt and pepper on it only. When I get it home I will put mustard on it myself. They are a little heavy handed with the mustard. Also, their cookies are yummy.

01: Taco Bell: Granted, I had Taco Bell right before writing this, so I’m under the influence. But, as I said on Facebook, there is no way ….. NO WAY … that crack can be as addictive as Taco Bell. I usually play it straight and get a couple of tacos and a bean burrito. I’ve lots of other items from their menu and have almost never been disappointed. As a bonus, Taco Bell is also the very best drunk food ever created. It doesn’t matter what you’ve been drinking either. Beer, wine, liquor … it all goes great with Taco Bell!


I'm With Stupid said...

Haven't been to all of these places but as far as the ones I have, I am in agreement outside of Cracker Barrel...I hate that place. Cheers Jayman!!

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: We will have to have a Great Cracker Barrel Debate sometime.

Katy Anders said...

That's a lot of fast food joints for someone who doesn't eat fast food...

I have only been to Taco bell, Subway, and Taco Cabana out of that list... at least in the last 10 years. Taco Cabana is great because you can get drunk while you're eating unhealthy, potentially stomach-churning food.

I also went to Waffle House years back, but that's mostly for meth heads at 8 am who haven't slept for 3 days and are looking for somewhere to start a fistfight with like-minded people.

I'm With Stupid said...

Katy: Not to be "that guy," but nowhere in the post did I say I don't eat fast food. I said I "try not to too often."

Anhoodle, the last time I went to Waffle House the place got robbed while I sat there at the counter. Good times. Good times.


Katy Anders said...

So it's almost like going to a murder mystery dinner theater thing, except with real guns and syrup.

I'm With Stupid said...

Katy: Yeah, it was pretty amazing. One of the waitresses was taking money from the register while her boyfriend stood outside showing everyone his gun. Then the other waitress tried to stop her and I was sitting there thinking "Damn, I really would like my Coke refilled."

Mike said...

Have been to 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 14, and 15.

I can't stand mexican food so Taco Bell wouldn't even make my list. Put White Castle at the top for me, especially for drunk food.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: I have never met anyone who hated Mexican food. I don't know what to think about that.

Anyway, White Castle is pretty good drunk food. Good call on that one.