Saturday, June 14, 2014

The World Cup of MSJS ...

Matt snarks, Jay quips, You yawn. 

Matt: Cheers!
Jay: Hola!
Matt: How the hell are ya?
Jay: Wonderful.
Matt: That’s good to hear.
Jay: Are we doing this or do you want to point out how awful I am too?
Matt: Hey-OOOOO! Good one.
Jay: I’m sensing some sarcasm there.
Matt: Oh nooooooo … Totally sincere Hey-O there.
Jay: I don’t know man.
Matt: Well you’ll have to take my word for it.
Jay: Okay then. I guess I will.
Matt: Good.
Jay: Anyway, do you feel better now that you got that out of your system?
Matt: I feel fucking fantastic!
Jay: Well alrighty then.
Matt: Are you over whatever the hell crawled up your ass?
Jay: Oh sure.
Matt: Okay then.

Jay: Watching the World Cup?
Matt: Yeah man, I’m hanging on every bicycle kick and header.
Jay: Damn.
Matt: What?
Jay: I’m sensing sarcasm again.
Matt: Maybe your Sarcasm Radar is jammed.
Jay: I guess the NSA is jamming it.
Matt: Maybe, or … Didn’t you follow the CIA on Twitter?
Jay: Yeah, but I unfollowed them cause they tweet way too much.
Matt: Oh, well it’s probably the NSA then.
Jay: Actually, I think it’s the Mossad.
Matt: I guess you found out how many restraining orders from Jewish babes it takes to get their attention.
Jay: More than you would expect.
Matt: And yet, not as many as it should be.

Jay: Hey! Father’s Day is Sunday!
Matt: Gonna be a looooooooong day.
Jay: Rivers of tears will be shed.
Matt: And that’s just from you, Schmoop and me!
Matt: This week’s show might be more of a therapy session.
Jay: We probably need one.
Matt: No I’m fine. I was talking about you.
Jay: HA! Oh that was a good one!
Matt: Now MY Sarcasm Radar is going off.
Jay: Probably just a U-2 Spy Plane flying over.
Matt: Or one of the UN’s black helicopters!
Jay: Oh damn. It could be a drone! Obama might be monitoring you himself.
Matt: That’s a bit far-fetched.
Jay: True. Anyway, Father’s Day.
Matt: A special show for a special day.
Jay: Bobby Kraft interviewing Ben Franklin!
Matt: Totally improved interview.
Jay: Live on digital recording.
Matt: And … other stuff.
Jay: Yeah, we’ll figure it out.
Matt: Okay, sounds good.
Jay: Let’s do this!

Be sure to tune into “Dad, Sweat and Tears” on IWS Radio Sunday at 12 Noon ET! If you don’t then you hate daddies and American!


I'm With Stupid said...

It's going to be a Daddy-Issue Palooza!! Should be fun. Cheers!!


I'm With Stupid said...

Matt: We're gonna blow the lid off this whole silly father's day bullshit.


Mike said...

I've got my vuvuzela warming up for fooootball!

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: If you were my neighbor I would call the cops on you the first time you blew that thing. ha