Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What The Hell Is Wrong With You People!?

Cheers, and a Happy Cambodian Day of Remembrance to you all.  I hope your respectful introspections and reflections go well today.

Y’know folks… In day to day life, I am pretty much a go along, get along kinda guy as far as where other people are concerned.

Everyone has their own foibles, flaws, and quirks.  To which, when I see them on parade, while I may chuckle, I typically just say to myself, “Ha, whatever.”


When those foibles, flaws, and quirks seem to have just taken a dose of stupid steroids, I have to ask to myself and out loud…

What the HELL is wrong with YOU!!?

For instance, yesterday morning I learned that, twenty-two year old Danielle Shea had been arrested for calling in two bomb threats just prior to the Quinnipiac University’s 2014 graduation ceremony.  It seems that Ms. Shea had been living a bit of a lie.

She hadn’t attended QU since 2012 but her parents thought she had been, and expected her to be graduating this spring.  So my oh my, when the family shows up and sees Danielle in her cap and gown, but not her name on the list of graduates, the not so college graduate panics and calls in a bomb threat in order to get the ceremony cancelled.

Ms. Shea?  Danielle?  May I call you Danielle?  You had eighteen months to plan for this day.  In that time, couldn’t you have just told mom and dad that you had dropped out, or at least had an extremely well done forgery of a QU diploma made, and told them that you were skipping the ceremony?

Nooooooooooo…You had to dress the part, realize too late that you were a dumb ass, and then call in a couple of bomb threats.  WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

Middletown, Ohio has a new group looking out for your interests and have been handing out fliers promoting their good cause.  It seems that after an arson of a white homeowners house in that city, a new group called, The White Guard is looking out for you white guys and gals in Middletown, OH.

This group states…“Are you a white person who feels unsafe in your own home or on the streets of your city due to the behavior of local black savages who prey on and terrorize whites?” (WHIO-TV Video Link)

Seriously?  In all likelihood it was a couple of stupid teens, be they black, white, or chartreuse who perpetrated the arson.  But, I guess you can use this tragic event as a rallying cry for your hate as you did.
To which I ask of course…WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?

And even closer to home and on a more personal level…One of our Beer Mine customers the other day came to purchase some wonderful Beer Mine products.  After his order had been rung up his debit card was run to pay for it.  The card was declined. When hearing this, said customer replied…

“Damn, that’s what they told me at the Speedway up the street ten minutes ago.  All the credit card machines must be messed up today.”


As I said folks, I try to go along and get along, but damn.  Sometimes even for a man of my patience and understanding, I sometimes crack.  And well?

It makes my brain hurt.



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I'm With Stupid said...

Some days the stupid is extra strong. All we can do is deal with it the best we can and then drink heavily to forget.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: And as I finish the last remaining drops of my 24 oz. Molson Ice, I agree. Cheers Jayman!!


Katy Anders said...

This, of course, is the day when I try and remember to go look up what a cambodia is.

I think this crazy drunk chick I met in a bar once gave me a cambodia.

But I don't really remember.

Which is why it's good to have this day of remembrance, I guess.

I'm With Stupid said...

Katy: I had a similar experience. Back in 2003, a Laotian hooker gave me a terrible case of Cambodia while I was vacationing in Thailand. Cheers Katy!!


Mike said...

People ask me all the time WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU? I tell them I've never been able to figure it out.

I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: I have always thought of you as the perfect human being. Cheers Mike!!