Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunshine Pumping on IWS

Sometimes all the negativity and anger and hating gets to be too much even for Matt and Jay. So, this week on IWS Radio we set all that aside and went strictly positive. That’s right, no cheap shots. No mocking of famous people. No ranting. Just love and support for everyone.

- Jay talked about his new Crock Pot and how awesome it is.

- Matt introduced our newest correspondent Lance Cranston.

- Ma Tibble inspired us.

- Tammy Tibbles inspired us even more!

- Martin led us through a great meditation

- Paul Piatt recited a poem full of great advice on happiness

- Rev Moneymaker reminded us that faith in the Almighty leads to happiness

- Jamie Canada called in and hung out with us

- Matt talked about what makes him happy

- Jay talked about what makes him happy

- Joshua reviewed one of the happiest movies ever: The Princess Bride

- Matt and Jay were devastated to find that a certain someone doesn’t like The Princess Bride

- Lots and lots of witty banter about being positive and overcoming negative people in life

- Matt and Jay apologies to some of the people they have been negative towards in the past

- And sooooooooo much more! Definitely check this one out! 

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I'm With Stupid said...

It was one for the ages. Cheers!!