Thursday, April 3, 2014

Poetry, Rock n Roll and Rambling

Holaaaaaaaaaa! So on Monday I said there was something that I had been thinking about, but wasn’t ready to write about so I had to just ramble about nothing important well guess what I stopped thinking about that other subject so I got nothing again well not nothing but it means more rambling and you know what else yeah this should be straight stream of consciousness blogging not giving a shit about grammar or punctuation once again don’t you think so hell yeah bitches let’s do this!

I’m getting a late start on this because I had to take a maintenance request up to the office because my damn air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air it’s blowing tepid air it should be blowing cold though so I know what’s going on it’s about to run out of coolant it has to be refilled twice a year no matter how much or how little it gets used luckily it’s actually a very pleasant evening here in God’s Country so I’m not going to swelter or anything like that I’m sure they’ll be down here first thing in the morning to get that taken care of for me at least they better be of course if it’s storming they will have to wait cause you don’t wanna get struck by lightning or anything I guess I’m okay with that and I'll just swelter until it's safe for him to fix the thing.

You guys should totally check out Aunt Jackie’s cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire!” Jaxxx is a HUGE Jimi fan and this kind of music is right up her alley I’d like to be right up her alley if you know what I mean did I say that out loud oops.


Anyone out there in the Dallas/Ft Worth area who would like to call us on Sunday between 11 am 1 pm central time and tell us about what’s happening around the Final Four you guy ARE listening to IWS Radio aren’t you I mean what the hell else do you people have to do with your time that’s right nothing so there’s no excuse anyway if you live in or will be in North Texas around the Final Four we need a correspondent and if you do it we will introduce you to our close personal friend Scarlett Johansson.

Oh hey did you know that April is National Poetry Month well hell yes it is that means there should be lots and lots of poetry on this blog like maybe a poem every single day you know Matt-Man is actually pretty good at that poetry shit when he wants to be I’m not a skilled poet but it’s fun to try sometimes oh hey I should do that right now shouldn’t I of course I do poetry under my pseudonym Jameson Jay

The Struggle …

Sitting in front of my computer trying to write
I feel the cool breeze whistling through the night
I think of A/C units, car batteries and computer fans
All needing work in such a short span
What else could possibly go wrong
My life is playing out like a country music song
It’s always just one thing after another
Life is such a bother
This is why I’m never at ease
Even if these things do usually happen in threes
Those rules never apply to my life
Every day is like getting stabbed with a knife

- Jameson Jay


I'm With Stupid said...

That poem was nearly as beautiful as you. Cheers Jayman!!


Mike said...

"...not giving a shit about ... punctuation..."

What kind of savage are you?!

Mike said...
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I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: Just hanging out with you online has improved my poetry skills immeasurably.


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: I'm an anarchist!


jAMiE said...

Jay, that beret suits you.

Excellent work on that poem!

I'm With Stupid said...

Jamie: That beret is pretty sexy, isn't it? hahaha ;-)