Saturday, April 26, 2014

Matt Said, Jay Said...(270) 554-1123

Matt rages.  Jay steams.  You recoil with anger.

Matt:  Hello Jayman…How are you?
Jay:  How did you know it was me?
Matt:  Who else would it be?
Jay:  It could have been a stranger calling in.
Matt:  But this is a private show call.  Who else would know?
Jay:  That British bitch from BTR.
Matt:  I suppose that she would know.
Jay:  I hate her.
Matt:  I do too.

Jay:  You know who else I hate?
Matt:  Who?
Jay:  Hipsters.
Matt:  I’m not sure if I am completely clear as to what defines one as a hipster.
Jay:  Well if you aren’t sure, you probably ARE one!!
Matt:  Oh dear.
Jay:  Oh dear is right, Mr. Hipster.

Matt:  I really can’t stand vegans.  In fact, they suck.
Jay:  They suck big time.  You know who else sucks?
Matt:  Who might that be?
Jay:  Hippies.
Matt:  I dunno, there are good hippies and bad hippies.
Jay:  Ya think?
Matt:  I’m pretty sure.
Jay:  Hey…Y’know what?
Matt:  Lay it on me.

Jay:  We could do a show about our hate for hipsters and hippies.
Matt:  Sounds good but hate should come in threes.
Jay:  Good point Mr. Alliteration…hmmmmm…HACKS!!
Matt:  I definitely do hate hacks.
Jay:  Hipsters, Hippies, and Hacks Oh My!!
Matt:  Brilliant!!
Jay:  I know, right?

Matt:  It should be pretty easy to fill two hours discussing persons and groups of people we hate.
Jay:  Pfffffffffffft…We could do that every week and never be done.
Matt:  Paul Piatt has long list of literary hacks.
Jay:  And there are comedic hacks and a slew of Judgy McJudgerson’s out there.
Matt:  And Vegans!!
Jay and Matt:  Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

Jay:  I’m sure Rev. Moneymaker and Bobby Kraft have some hate in their gentle souls as well.
Matt:  Guy Ahnyurdyck and Cliven Bundy may have a few words as well.
Jay:  Cliven?  He’s not going to use the “N-word” is he?
Matt:  He might utter negro.
Jay:  He’s a dick.
Matt:  Of course he is.

Jay:  We should probably have Schmoop on at some point.  She hates everything and everyone.
Matt:  Don’t I know it.
Jay:  I tell you what…this Sunday?  Hate will never sound so funny.
Matt:  We are going to crush it.
Jay:  And crush the loathsome people of this earth.

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Hate Out!!   


I'm With Stupid said...

Anonymous: Well said.

I'm With Stupid said...

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jAMiE said...

These are always some of my favourite posts.

Gosh i love you guys!