Thursday, March 6, 2014

The List of Lists Because Everybody Loves Lists

Holaaaaaaaaa y’all! Well, it’s my turn to write again for IWS Radio, but I really have nothing at all to write about. I could do another stream of consciousness post, but too much of a good thing is still too much. Or something like that. So, instead I will do a list. The internet loves lists. Hell, someday I might do a list of things I will do lists about in the future. Wait, that’s a great idea! I think I’ll do that right now!

But first, you should totally check out the rockin’ cover Aunt Jackie’s of the ZZ-Top classic “Jesus Just Left Chicago” did for IWS Radio!

A list of lists I will blog in the future.

01. My Favorite Arkansans

02. My favorite Crackers  

03. My Favorite Americans

04. My Favorite Non-Americans

05. My Favorite NBA Players

06. My Favorite Sports Broadcasters

07. My Favorite Comedians

08. My Favorite Vacation Spots

09. My Favorite Alcoholic Beverages

10. My Favorite Babes (After Lent, of course)

11. My Favorite Songs

12. My Favorite Musicals (Stage and Screen)

13. My Favorite Empires

14. My Favorite Movies

15. My Favorite TV Shows

16. My Favorite Jokes

17. My Favorite Personal Memories

18. My Favorite Magazines

19. My Favorite Political Commentators

20. My Favorite Arkansas Razorbacks Athletes

21. My Favorite Sexual Encounters Ever

22. Things I Would Rather Be Doing Than Blogging

23. People I Would Like to Meet

24. Coolest Cars Ever Built

25. Presidents Ranked From Worst to Best

26. Fifty Reasons Why Lists Rule

27. Fifty Reasons Why Lists Suck

28. Diseases I Would Never Want to Have

29. 29 Reasons Why Odd Numbered Lists Annoy People  

30. The Best “Non-Mainstream” Sports That Should Be

31. Most Overrated Movies/Songs/TV Shows/Babes of All Time

32. 100 Crappiest Ways to Die

33. 50 People I Would Totally Stalk if I Could

34. 50 Babes You Might be Surprised to Find I Masturbated To

35. Why You Stopped Reading This Long Ago

36. Why Lists shouldn’t be Over 25 Items Long

37. 100 Greatest Threats to America and Freedom

38. 50 Life Pro Tips

39. All 157 Dog Breeds Ranked From Worst to Best

Shoot, that was easy. I should totally do lists more often.


I'm With Stupid said...

Well...Hmmmmm? You just lowered the bar for my post tomorrow. I appreciate that. Thanks and Cheeeeeeers, Jayman!!


Mike said...

Just a few things..
1. I don't like lists.
2. Who am I kidding, I LOVE lists!
3. Only 39 items? Did you fall asleep while writing?

Kelley Patton said...

Mom can read your blog, right? I dare you to post #21. I double dog dare ya!

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: I like to keep everyone happy by making sure expectations are low.


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Dude, it took me a week to do this post. LOL


I'm With Stupid said...

Kelley: I'm pretty sure she would pass on that one. ha