Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lent Is Here; Be A Fisher Of Women

Cheeeeeeers and Happy Lent to everyone, well…

Not everyone.


This past Sunday, Jayman and I talked about how when one gives something up for Lent, sometimes, some less than stellar human beings, feel the need to denigrate those observing Lent, and these folks, belittle their commitment.

I was hoping, that maybe this year, things would be different, but sadly…it was the same old song and dance.

Allow me to set this up…

I am not a Catholic, because well, while I was forced to be Catholic during my first eighteen years of upbringing, I looooooathe the Catholic Church and organized religion in general, however…

Every year at this time, this time being the Lenten season, I give up something for Lent.

Oh sure, I haven’t been a Catholic for years, but…I enjoy exerting some willpower over myself.

This year I am giving up bread and pasta.  No baked goods for the Matt-Man, sounds easy, but…I love toast. And so?  That’s what I’m doing.

Funny thing?

Some people find that what a person is giving up is repetitive and/or untimely.

My buddy Bill pointed out that I gave up bread last year (which I didn’t) and that I was becoming blasé.

And then, some troglodyte with a vagina, uttered the following…

“You hate Catholic Church People think you are doing for Lent which your not. You hate Catholic Church.”

First of all folks, she should give bad grammar up for Lent, but otherwise…

I am giving up bread and pasta for Lent, and yet, some folks, like the aforementioned commenter feel compelled to tell me the manner in which I should give it up.

She gives me shit for giving up something for Lent, during Lent…because, well…the timing is confusing . What?


I am giving up bread and pasta for Lent.  I will not have frozen pizzas, toast, nor macaroni.  That makes me sad.

But what makes me sadder, is the fact that some people, think I’m not doing it right.

I’m doing it right, alright…I’m exercising some self-control for six weeks, and if that’s a bad thing in your mind, you can go to Hell.


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I'm With Stupid said...

See? We knew this would happen. It's amazing to me how people can't just respect other's lent choices. People always have to be critical or demand more from OTHERS while not doing the same of themselves.


I'm With Stupid said...

Exactly, and that is why I would never criticize your Lenten regimen. Cheers Jayman!!