Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Lent 2014: The Struggle is Real Y'all

Hola y’all! Man, I gotta tell ya I’m seriously struggling with this whole lent thing. If you listened to the show on Sunday then you could probably tell that I was anguishing over my decision as to what to give up for Lent. If you didn’t listen then SHAME ON YOU! This has seriously turned into one of the toughest decisions of my life.

As the show went along, it didn’t take much time or effort for Mat-Man and me to agree that we as a team here at IWS Radio should make some sort of sacrifice for lent also. The obvious thing to give up here is the gratuitous posting of pics of hot chicks just as click bait and having nothing to do with the subject we are writing about at all. Unless of course they are in the news for something special and get named “Person of the Week” today is the last day for that kind of thing.

So, that’s set and honestly, I thought that just might be enough for me. Sure, that’s not the biggest sacrifice ever, but it is something that means a lot to me and something I enjoy a lot. What’s more it’s something I probably SHOULD give up. Often people get caught up in the pic of the hot babe and they completely miss my brilliant blog post. That’s very frustrating to me and I think this will help me with that.

As we neared the end of another brilliant and entertaining episode of IWS Radio I settled on giving up junk food. Things like frozen pizzas, chips and sweets or whatever for lunches. Not a bad idea. Again, it’s something I should do anyway. After he should though, I started thinking that maybe there was something better to give up. I also got to thinking that maybe I wouldn’t do anything at all since I’m not Catholic or particularly religious.

The problem with that is I would feel like I let my friend and lover Matt-Man down if I didn’t do anything for Lent while he was giving up bread and pasta. Plus, he’s somehow convinced our good friend, the lovely and talented Tyla Kells to do the same thing he’s doing. Damn, now I feel like I need to support BOTH of them by giving something up.

This morning Matt-Man posted a pic of a bunch of junk food on his Facebook page announcing my giving up junk food for Lent. I cautioned him that I was still struggling with my decision and he reminded me that the Lord hates a pussy. He makes a good point.

So, I was about to go ahead with the whole junk food idea when my very good friend and crazy hot babe suggested that it might not be the best of ideas. This put me in a real quandary as I hat letting anyone down. This is why I try to keep expectations low! So then I threw it all out there on MY Facebook page hoping someone could come up with a better suggestion.

This resulted in some very interesting ideas. One of them was to give dehydrated cheese which would mean giving up things like Cheetos and Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips. This actually leaves the door open for other kinds of tortilla chips that I might dip in REAL cheese. Damn, that Knight is an amazing combination of brains and beauty. BUT, that’s kind of cheating, right? I mean that’s kind of like giving up Dominoes but still going to Pizza Hut. So then someone just suggested giving up everything orange. This was another brilliant idea which really works for me because I don’t wear hunting vests and have no intention of ever wearing an orange prison jumpsuit.

Other people suggested doing something good for society instead of giving anything up. Maybe not using any plastic bags or plastic containers for 47 days? This is a very practical idea and I kind of like it. The idea of bettering myself and/or doing something good for others is definitely keeping in line with Jesus’ teachings and makes it seem like more of doing something new rather than punishing myself.

So, decision has been made. I’m going to make Lent a positive experience by doing things to better myself as a person and do my part to make my little corner of the universe a better place. Damn, I feel good about this decision. It’s good to have it behind me. Thanks for listening to me ramble about it and thanks for all your help in making such a difficult life decision. You guys rock!


I'm With Stupid said...

Pussy. Cheers Jayman!!

--Jesus Christ

Katy Anders said...

For Lent, you should give up NOT posting that picture of Scarlett Johansson on every post.

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: I'm just a very sensitive guy who likes to think things through. Sometimes, I might over-think them.


I'm With Stupid said...

Katy: That pic of Scarlett is getting taped to my mirror.


Mike said...

Give up your dream of flying to the moon. But just for lent.