Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day From IWS Radio

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Jay, IWS Radio, and yours truly, Matt-Man.

Lemme ask you something…What the hell were you doing yesterday?

I thought so…nothing.  You know what you should have been doing?  Listening to me and Jay on IWS Radio.

Yeah, I know my grammar was incorrect, but dammit…if you missed our show, you really need a swat upside the head for Godssakes.

But it’s okay, because you can always catch us in archives…

This show was full of Irish music, food, fun, and an Irish Ark full of Jay and Matt,

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We had Party Marty on live and some music from his band The Dreamboats.

Bobby Kraft stopped by and lamented St. Pat’s Day.  Tammy Tibbles was her creepily happy self, and Guy Ahnyurdyck was on hand to break the news on Malaysian Air Flight MH370.

Our St. Patrick’s Day show was full of heartwarming Irish laughter as well, provided by Phil Diller.


If you don’t listen to the IWS St. Patrick’s Day Show, you pretty much suck and well, are either British or Scottish.

Miss this show and you miss a lot…of course if you miss it, you probably don’t care, because you suck.


Katy Anders said...

I was going to make a St. Patrick's Day related comment this morning, but I am afraid that it could end up being the same St. Patrick's Day related comment I made last year.

And it was probably such a good comment that you still remember, and I will undermine how good it was by repeating it so you'll know it was just my standard St. Patrick's line instead of something special for your comments section.

It's just too big of a risk.

I'm With Stupid said...

Yeah, I do remember that comment. It was awesome. Cheers Katy!!

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