Monday, February 24, 2014

Write Dunk Edit Sober Then do a Podcast

Sunday was the “Write Drunk, Edit Sober” show on IWS Radio and let me tell ya folks, the show was jammed pack with awesomeness! Hell, we were rolling along so hard we didn’t even realize it was almost over until there was 1.5 minutes left. We probably could have gone on for another hour easily.  We also had a great crowd in the chat room. None of them called in, but listening is fine too.

We started out talking about our good friend Angie’s struggles with From You Flowers. If From You Flowers thought that was behind them, this week’s show was a sad reminder that it’s not even close to being over. Hell, when we were finished talking about how IWS Radio brought From You Flowers to their knees, we just wasted several minutes making fun of their name.

Thennnnnnnnnnn things really got rolling!

We ended the From You Flowers disaster segment with the lovely and talented Aunt Jackie singing Al Green’s classic “Let’s Stay Together.” That set a great tone for the rest of the show! Damn Jaxx is talented!

After that we bantered back and forth about writing and what a beautiful struggle it is…

We covered writer’s block and some ideas of how to deal with it. Some people pace, some surf the net, some just power through and do some stream of consciousness writing.

Tammy Tibbles wandered by to lift our spirits with her brand of positive inspirational writing.

Rev Moneymaker reminded us that it’s important to keeps things positive and not write anything sleazy or unseemly.

We talked about our writing processes and how we come up with our brilliant blog posts. Plus we discussed writing on a deadline and falling victim to going for too much click-bait rather than relying on the quality of the writing. You know, just randomly posting tawdry pics of say, Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry kissing or something equally disgusting.

Paul Piatt took exception to the whole “be yourself” theory to writing and then came back later with some great tips.

Schmoop simply unloaded on Jayman and Matt-Man in one of the most hurtful rants in the history of IWS Radio.

We talked about what kind of book we would write if we were to do so.

And soooooooooooooo much more! You’ve gotta check this one out y’all!

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I'm With Stupid said...

For once and THE only time in my life, I wish I was Miley Cyrus in that picture. Cheers!!


Edyta said...

Holy Molly! Loads of stuff happened this time on the show, eh!

And Matt-Man, even for that moment, I wouldn't like to be Miley!


jAMiE said...

And what a fine show it was. You guys rock!

sarkari naukri said...

The Show was cool and i loved it