Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Punctuation Necessary Stream of Consciousness Blogging

Hola y’all! On our Write Drunk Edit Sober show this week we talked about a writer’s block and some of the ideas of how to deal with it and one of them was to do a stream of consciousness post so I think I’ll do that tonight hell I might not even put any punctuation in here just one long sentence won’t that drive some of you grammar Nazis fucking nuts hahahaha I love it you people get all pissed over stuff like this in fact I’m rather enjoying this even though I know that nobody has probably lasted this long and is still reading but if you are you are my friend and I love you I guess I should do some paragraph breaks in here though so maybe what I’ll do is put a period at the end of each paragraph and then start another long stream of consciousness paragraph with no punctuation what do you think about that okay cool I’ll do it.

Maybe this won’t be nearly as annoying if I do it this way although I’m sure there will be someone who will bitch about well maybe not since nobody really reads this blog anyway other than the 100 to 1200 people who might come over from Stumble Upon that site has suddenly been pretty consistent about sending us some hits each day and made things a little happier in these parts cause while blogging can be fun anyone who says they only write for themselves is so full of shit cause we all totally want page views that’s what were really do this for I mean if it wasn’t about page views would I just up and post a pic of Lupita Nyong’o who stars in 12 Years a Slave just because she’s nominated for an Academy Award and is making the rounds on the talk shows and people will be searching for her hell no I wouldn’t.

Okay that’s not necessarily true cause I saw her on Conan Monday night and she was really very charming and beautiful and almost made me want to see 12 Years a Slave but more than likely I’ll just wait and see what she’s in next and hope it’s a movie I’ll be more likely to want to see anyway I’m totally fine with her winning the Oscar this coming Sunday on ABC even though that means she will beat Jennifer Lawrence that doesn’t mean I’m no longer a Jennifer Lawrence fan it cause I totally am and I’m sure I always will be and I have no doubt that she is also a big fan of IWS Radio even though she hasn’t responded to my efforts to get her to come on the show.

Another thing we talked about on Sunday was how pissed off people get over the use of some words I brought up the fact that Matt-Man used the word piddle meaning that he wasn’t doing anything but just hanging out and wasting time but a lot of people insisted that he meant he was pissing I found this hilarious because while the word piddle does mean both wasting time and pissing it can be used either way and it was very obvious that he meant wasting time because he posted a picture of himself with his feet up relaxing the next day it suddenly hit me that if I had been thinking I could have said no Matt isn’t pissing cause if was he would have posted a picture of himself pissing like I did on my old blog back in the day which got all kinds of hilarious responses cause back in the day the bloggerhood was so much more of a community like that.

Anyway this stream of consciousness shit is easy and really fast I’m already up to 640 words holy shit you can really rack up the word counts this way oh sure most of it nonsensical and would be cut if I was going to edit this but I’m not I know you think I won’t be able to stand it but you’re wrong buddy I’m gonna post it as is and just let it sit there oh sure I might not ever look at this post again in my life after posting it cause it will really bug the shit outta me but as long as I’m not looking at it everything will be okay well I gotta go now cause this is getting long and I totally had way too much to eat at dinner tonight fajitas and a couple of taquitos are really filling and so damn delicious I think I could have them every night well not every night cause I gotta have some pizza every once in a while but you know what I mean right okay then good talk y’all have a great day and remember that I love well most of you some of you more than others but really almost all of you okay bye.
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I'm With Stupid said...

Ha...I actually just skimmed this because I am half way sideways as I read this, and yet? I still laughed and then cried. Perfect. Cheers Jayman!!


Mike said...

Ha.Ha.Ha.Ha. Periods can mess up some sentences.

I'm With Stupid said...

Matt-Man: Reading this sideways is the best way to do it.


I'm With Stupid said...

Mike: Who needs periods? They suck.


jAMiE said...

Well, that was fun!

Will you be watching the Oscars on Sunday, will you watch the red carpet stuff too?