Thursday, January 30, 2014

Super Bowl XLVIII: Only the Slyder Knows

Hi Sports Fans…IWS Sports Director Slyder Balzcock coming to you LIVE from Next Life Stadium in East Brotherhood, New Jersey breaking down the upcoming Super Bowl for you.

Super Bowl Excelvie, pits the defensively dangerous Legion of Bomb of the Seattle Mariners, against the holds no-bar offense of Eli Manning and the Mile High Broncos.

Broncos fans haven’t been this worked up since Floyd Little was still looked upon with a distrusting eye in Denver restaurants, and these days, the giddiness of Mariners fans surpasses the joy felt even when Starbucks came out with a Strawberry Mocha CafĂ© Latte in April of aught eleven.

When there is a Super Bowl, shenanigans and excitement abound.

And let me tell ya, when a team from the Pacific Time Zone meets a team from the Mountain Time Zone, it gets really ugly when they play the Super Bowl in the Eastern Time Zone, and it doesn’t seem fair!!

For instance…

Let’s say that Eli Manning goes all Mustang on the Mariners, and does a hurry-up offense…How can Seattle who is a time zone behind, respond with a defense that can defend their play?

And here’s a real kicker…if the Broncos run a delay draw play…the Mariners may be even more than an hour behind.  It doesn’t seem fair, but Mariner fans, have no fear.

If the game goes into overtime, the Seattle grid-ironers have a better chance to win because they have an extra hour to play the game.

And now, for my sumulation and prediction…

The boys of the Nile High City are pretty good.  Eli, along with Jenarious Thomas, Eric Becker, and Wes Walker baste a formidable pass attack…although…

Seattle has legendary actor Kurt Russell at quarterback, his step-child, Golden Hawn at wide-receiver, and the ever inflammatory Richard “Tecumseh” Sherman at cornerback.

My prediction?

If Eli can put more points up on the board than Snake Pliskin, the Broncos will win, but let me tell ya…

Eli doesn’t always have it going on, however…

If the late, great Ernest Borgnine shows up in that ratty-tatty Escape from New York car, and responds to a play action pass from Eli…it’s all over.

My Super Bowl prediction?

In sumulation…Ernest Borgnine kicks a three point safety and blocks a hand off to secure the win for the Mile High Broncos, even though Ernie plays for the Seattle Football Giants.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday, and as always…

This is Slyder Balzcock, leavin’ it all on the field, and headin’ for the showers!!

But for more Super Bowl insight, you stay right there…

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I'm With Stupid said...

This is why Slyder is the best sports prognosticator in the business. Nobody ... and I mean NOBODY else has thought to use the "time zone difference" analysis. The man is downright brilliant.


I'm With Stupid said...

Jay: Damn right. I can't believe none of the big networks have come along and stolen him from us. Cheers Jayman!!