Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's Make 2014 the Year of the Quitter!

Holaaaaaaaaaa! Yesterday Matt-Man posted his 2014 BucketList. I was going to do the same today, but decided to do something a bit different. Instead of making resolutions about the things I’m going to do, I’m going to invite everyone to join me in doing something: LET’S QUIT!

That’s right kids, I’m encouraging myself and everyone else to be a quitter…

- Let’s all quit bitching and whining about every little thing.

- Let’s all quit being all OUTRAGED at shit that has no effect on our lives.

- Let’s all quit deciding if something is “good” or “bad” based on our political world view.

- Let’s all quit being negative about EVERY GODDAM LITTLE BITTY THING.

- Let’s quit getting pissed off when someone is getting something we don’t think they DESERVE.

- Let’s quit pushing our religious beliefs on others.

- Let’s quit being intolerant of people of faith.

- Let’s quit being racist, bigoted, homophobic assholes.

- Let’s quit telling other people how to live their lives.

- Let’s quit feeding the trolls.

- Let’s quit being so politically correct all the time.

- Let’s quit holding others to standards we don’t hold ourselves to.

- Let’s quit accepting the dumbing down of America.

- Let’s quit giving people a pass for being shitty to others.


- Let’s quit paying so much attention to the carnival barkers who host cable TV “news” shows.

- Let’s quit getting all butt-hurt when someone doesn’t like the band, movie, TV show or sports team we like.

- Let’s quit being so damn judgmental.

- Let’s quit being angry when good things happen to other people.

- Let’s quit bashing success.

- Let’s quit being so selfish.

- Let’s quit being haters.

- Let’s quit being so damn impatient.

- Let's quit being so miserable all the time.

- Let’s quit settling for less than we deserve.

Let’s just fucking quit! Happy New Year everyone!